Petitioning Your Mom or Dad for an Australian Immigration Visa

For many people from not so well-to-do countries, working abroad opens new opportunities.  People choose to work in countries which are more economically stable.  Although these countries do provide better compensation and a chance to improve one’s status, it all too often comes at a price.

Families are broken up; while you travel to another country for better career opportunities, your family is left behind in their native country.  Even if you do keep in touch with them over the phone or on the Internet, the mere fact that you can’t see or physically be with them can wear down any individual.  This is very true for people who come from cultures that hold family values in high regard.  In this case, the burden can weigh tremendously.

Nevertheless, the Australian government recognizes this problem.  The Family Stream of the Australian migration program makes it possible for you to allow your parents to join you in Australia.  If you a.) are an Australian citizen, b.) have permanent residence status, or c.) an eligible candidate for New Zealand citizenship, and at least 18 years of age, then petitioning your parents may be easier than you think.

There are two categories of visas that you can apply for your parents.  These are the Parent Category and the Contributory Parent Category.  The main difference between the two is that the Contributory Parent Category is more expensive to process, with a longer AoS (Assurance of Support) bond and a longer AoS period.  Nevertheless, the Contributory Parent Category offers more visa places for each migration year.

Steps in applying for an Australian immigrant visa for mom or dad

Step 1:  Talk to your parents about it.

Are they emotionally prepared to make a transition in Australia?  Also, make sure that your parents are of sound health.  You can find more ways on how to deal with issues regarding your parents’ transition to Australia by reading online references.  Besides, you wouldn’t want anything bad happening to them while they stay with you.

Step 2: Prepare an Assurance of Support.

An AoS is a legal guarantee that a person, who does not necessarily have to be you, will pay for certain welfare benefits given to a migrant during the AoS period.  Make sure that you meet the certain requirements in becoming an assurer, for this is a very important step in the application.

Step 3:  Make sure you can support you parents.

As a sponsor, you are required to accommodate and support your parents in Australia for at least two years.  The government will also check your financial background to see if you are capable of supporting your parents.

Step 4:  Prepare the right legal documents.

In the case of a Subclass 804 Visa, you can check if you have the right documents needed through the immigration site of the Australian government.  Please make sure that the documents are accurate and authentic to avoid any delay in processing.

Step 5:  Fill out the necessary forms.

You can find the necessary forms at the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship Website.  Be sure that the forms are filled with the correct information about you and your parents.

Although it may cost some money, having your mom or dad living with you in Australia could bring you a great sense of relief.  It also opens new doors for your parents, ensuring they get better health care and benefits, and a happier life.  They can enjoy living in Australia, and at the same time being with their loved ones.  Plus, it also gives you a chance of savoring mom’s home cooking once again.

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