Migrating to Australia as a Student Guardian

Since January of 2004, Australia permits foreign students to be accompanied by a guardian during their stay in Australia.  In order for a student to be allowed to have a guardian, he or she should be not more than 18 years old or has special requirements that will need the assistance of an adult guardian who also resides in Australia.

Eligibility for a student guardian visa in Australia

A person is eligible as a student guardian if he or she is the spouse, child, parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt, sibling, or any immediate relative of the student.

* The student guardian should also meet the requirements for a student visa and should apply for Overseas Visitor Health Cover.

* If the guardian has a child less than six years of age, he or she is only eligible if the child will be for assessment for a school sector visa and if there are convincing reasons for the approval of the visa application.

Steps in applying for an Australian student guardian visa

1.  Read and complete the requirements stated in the Form 1234 (Applying for a Student Guardian Visa).

This form tells you the requirements and the application procedures for a student guardian visa.  In order to be eligible, the student guardian should be at least 21 years old and of good character.  This procedure has to be done by the student guardian applicant who lives outside Australia, by the student guardian who would like to apply for another student guardian visa, and by a temporary Australian visa holder who would like to extend his or her stay and become a guardian for a relative.

2.  The parent or the custodian of the student should fill out the Form 157N (Nomination of a Student Guardian).

This authorizes a person to become a guardian for the student.  The student or the parent fills out the form informing the Australian immigration that the student would like to nominate a guardian who will live with him or her during the length of his or her study.

3.  The nominated guardian should fill out the Form 157G (Application for a Student Guardian Visa).

Here, the nominated guardian submits his or her personal information and requests for the evaluation of his or her eligibility as a student guardian.  Make sure that the applicant provides a correct residential address.  A PO Box is not a valid residential address.

student guardian

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4.  Send the application forms.

The student guardian application forms should be submitted along with the application of the student.  If the student is already in Australia, you should submit the forms at the Australian embassy in your country.  On the other hand, if you are in Australia and would like to extend your stay through the student guardian visa, submit the forms at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship office.

5.  Pay the processing fees.

In order to have your visa processed, you are required to pay the visa processing fees.  Consult the Australian embassy or the Department of Immigration for the fees and the modes of payment.

While having a student guardian visa will allow you to stay in Australia while the student is still studying, it does not permit you to apply for visas for other family members except for a child under six years old (subject to some eligibility requirements).  You will also not be allowed to work in Australia except in certain volunteer programs.

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