How to File for US Immigration Appeal

People sometimes are denied of their immigration petition even though they filed the correct papers and submitted the appropriate documents.  If this has happened to you, then you know how stressful and frustrating it can be.  On the other hand, if you have been currently denied of your immigration petition, worry not because you can still make an appeal to higher immigration authorities.

Steps in filing for a US immigration appeal

Step 1:  Find out the reasons why your immigration petition was denied.

The US immigration agency handling denied petitions sends decision results though mail.  But aside from the decision, reasons for it are stated in the letter.  Find out the reasons for the decision of the agency on your petition to know the details on filing an appeal.  It is also helpful if you ask assistance from an immigration attorney.  He or she can help you in completing requirements for filing an appeal.

Step 2:  Know the types of forms you must fill out.

Various appellation forms are often required by the agency handling your case.  The forms are used for specific cases.  Know which type your case falls under to fill out the appropriate forms.  Usually they are mentioned in the decision letter sent to you. If not, check out the website of the immigration agency handling your case.

Step 3:  Download an immigration guide from the website of your respective immigration agency.

Immigration guides are available online.  They help you know how to go about the process of appealing for US immigration.  Immigration guides contain information on the types of forms you must complete, other documents you need, and dates of submission.

Make use of official immigration guides.  Avoid relying on unofficial sources to be certain that you are doing the right steps.

Step 4:  Submit appellation forms on time.

Know when to submit your forms to remain qualified for appellation.  The date of submission of forms for US immigration appeals is usually also written on the decision letter.  If the date is not found in the letter, check out the website of your immigration agency.

Dates of submission vary, depending on the immigration case you are appealing for.  Consult your attorney about your case if you are unsure of what type it falls under.

Step 5:  Wait for the decision.

Just like when you waited for the immigration agency’s decision on your US immigration petition, the decision on an immigration appeal takes time.  That is true especially when many also make an appeal to higher immigration authorities.  So, just be patient and hope for the best.  You can even use the time to think of plan B and prepare for it.

Not every US immigration appeal is approved by US agencies.  However, most that do are those seen by higher officials as genuine, prompt, complete, and well-meaning appeals.  In the end, despite the time and effort you’ve spent on making an appeal, the results will depend on each case and how the authorities view your situation.

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  1. whimsical1207 says:

    A lot of people want to go to the United States for various reasons. Some wants to go there to study, others want to visit relatives and tour the States while a lot wants to work. Many get their visas and others do not. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who haven’t then you should not be in despair because you can file for an appeal or file another application then wait patiently and pray for a positive result. I am also waiting for the result of my visa application and while waiting I do things that I enjoy like doing my job, reading, writing and other stuff. I do my best to be positive and enjoy every minute that I have in my country because I believe that soon my visa application will be approved. 🙂

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