How to Apply for an Australian Immigration Appeal

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1. Can you get an attorney to assess if it is decisions are valid?
2. Is it advisable to get an attorney while filing an appeal?
3. Is important to review immigration guide lines?
4. Can I check thru online for the submission date of appeals?
5. Is there any fees on immigration petition assessed?

Getting denied of an Australian immigration petition shouldn’t be discouraging right away.  You can still file an appeal to the Australian Appeals Tribunal so that higher authorities can reconsider the decision on your case.  If you’re currently dealing with having your immigration petition declined, read on to know how to file an appeal.

Steps in applying for an Australian immigration appeal

Step 1:  Read the decision letter sent to you to know the reasons for the decline of your petition.

Decisions on Australian immigration petitions are sent to applicants through mail.  The decision letter contains information such as the type of immigration your petition falls under, the decision, and the reasons your petition is declined.  Carefully read the letter and find out why you have not been passed for an Australian immigration.  You can ask an attorney to help you in assessing whether or not the reasons for the decision are valid.

Step 2:  Identify the forms you need to fill out to file an appeal.

Every case of Australian immigration petition falls under a certain type.  For every type of immigration petition, specific forms for appellation must be filled out.  If you are uncertain of the type your immigration petition falls under, check the decision letter.  You can also check with the immigration agency handling your petition to find out.

It is better to get the help of an attorney when working on appellation forms.  They know best on the matter and can even represent you in the Australian Appeals Tribunal should you prefer them to.

Step 3:  Review immigration guides.

Immigration guides are your alternative to getting the help of an attorney specializing in immigrations. Immigration guides are inexpensive and can be downloaded from the Internet.  You can even work at your own pace should you need to rush if you use immigration guides.

Trust immigration guides from Australian government sources more than guides from non-official sources.  The guides from government sources are up to date and can help you prepare appeals forms better.

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Step 4:  Check submission dates for appeals forms.

Dates for submitting appeals forms vary depending on the type of petition your case falls under.  The dates also vary depending on the agency that decided on your petition.  To know when you must submit your appeals forms, check your decision letter or online.

Step 5: See the fees for having the decision on your immigration petition assessed.

To have your Australian immigration petition assessed, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal requires a service fee.  Contact the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to learn how much they require.  On the other hand, you can also check online and find out deadlines of payments.  If the fee will cause you financial difficulty, you can request for the fee to be waived.

Making an appeal for your Australian immigration petition is a helpful way of fulfilling your dream to eventually live in Australia. A lthough you need to spend a bit more time, effort and money for your petition to be approved, your efforts can still be worth it in the end.  So, don’t lose heart and just do what is necessary.

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