Getting a Work to Residence Visa in New Zealand

Like its neighboring country (Australia), New Zealand has also paved a way to invite skilled migrant workers from other countries to seek fortune working here.  Every year, special visas are given to foreign workers which allow them to work for a given time in New Zealand.  Some of these visas also lead to permanent resident status in New Zealand, for people who are considering settling down here.

One of these visas is the Work to Residence visa.  If you have skills which are in demand in the New Zealand labour market, or talents in sports, arts or culture, then you are qualified to apply for this.  You can apply for this while you are still outside of New Zealand, guaranteed that you will come here to work.  You can also apply for this while you are staying in New Zealand, but without work.  While the Skilled Migrant Worker Programme tests your English-speaking skills, the Work to Residence Programme does not necessarily do so, unless it is required by the employer.  Of course, the Work to Residence visa does have requirements that you have to meet.

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Steps in getting a Work to Residence Visa in New Zealand

Step 1:  Make sure your skills and talents meet a specialized or in-demand field in New Zealand.

Making sure that your skills will meet the New Zealand labor market demand will greatly increase your chances of getting quick employment.  If you don’t meet the demands, then there might just be no opening for you.

Step 2:  Choose which policy you would like to apply under.

There are three basic policies under which you can apply for as an employee.  The Long Term Skills Shortage List, Talent (Accredited Employers), and Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports).  Find which policy you would like to apply for, as to avoid confusion.

Step 3:  Make sure you have met all the legal requirements.

Ensure that you meet the requirementsfor the programme.  If you cannot meet the requirements, this will not make you eligible for the Work to Residence visa application.

Step 4:  Fill out the necessary application forms.

Make sure you have complete copies of all the application forms you have to fill out.  Always remember to place only valid and updated information about yourself.  Don’t forget to double check your application forms as incomplete documents may lead to a delay in the application process.

Step 5:  Send your applications to the right place.

Depending on what kind of policy you would like to apply for, and if you will apply in or outside of New Zealand, the place of submission for your documents will differ.  You can determine the right place for submission of documents by visting the offical site of New Zealand Immigration Department.

One of the great things with the Work to residence visa is that you can apply for permanent residence after only two years of working under this visa.  This can lead a whole new gateway for you and your loved ones living in New Zealand, especially if you are looking for new and better economic opportunities.

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