Five Easiest Ways to Migrate to the USA

this post answers the following questions
1. How can a relationship to an American citizen help you migrate to USA?
2. What is LPR and how it can help you migrate to USA?
3. Is a skilled laborers can you migrate to USA?
4. Can entrepreneurs you migrate to USA?
5. What is a government-sanctioned defense expert and how it related in migrating to USA?

There are more than a few ways on which one could migrate to the US. There have been (and still do) cases of illegal migration over the years, but in view of the very strict security being employed now, more and more of those people are getting caught. Good for the law-abiding citizens (of whatever race), there are a lot of legal doors to the shores of America, here are five of them:

Step 1: Your relationship to an American citizen- arguably the easiest way of them all. Assuming a parent or spouse is already a citizen, you could get that Green Card the minute the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services approves the petition. After keeping that Card for five years, you could then become a US citizen.

Step 2: If you are related to an LPR- meaning, that’s Lawful Permanent Resident. If you are the child of an LPR, then this is another way. The wait time of course takes years, but consider this- for one who is not a minor child of an LPR, the wait time could take about two decades (imagine that).

Step 3: for the skilled laborers – Search for a good job, and if the prospective employer is willing to pay about $10,000 in legal fees, then you could actually live in the US. Yours will be a non-immigrant visa called H1-B. Expect about five to six years to acquire a green card.


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Step 4: for the entrepreneurs – Well, this is the moneyed kind. Assuming you have one million dollars that you plan to invest there, then you could apply for a Green card and get resident status (18 months), then, you could apply for the citizenship in about five years.

Step 5: Are you a government-sanctioned defense expert? When we say expert here, it means scientist. A scientist taking part on a very important project in another country who gets discovered by the US Government may suddenly see his migrating dreams come true.

As a way of concluding, steps 1 to 3 are the more common ways of migrating, while the last two- while not impossible – would be considered as a shot in the dark thing by the common (read: not very rich) individual. Now that you’ve read it all, think of which door you will be using for your US immigration quest.

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  1. As stated in Step No. 3, if one is a skilled professional, especially with regards to computers and electronic software, a company/employer may opt to pay any legal fees that you might have when coming to the United States, this in turn can make you a legal “worker” and a few years away from acquiring your own green card. There is no such thing as the fastest way to migrate to the U.S.A, as each way has its own pros and cons and requisites, and what works for some may not work for others.

  2. whimsical1207 says:

    A lot people especially from second and third world countries would like to go to the United States primarily because they would like to have better lives.. They say that the United States is the land of milk and honey and that there are a lot of opportunities there that could certainly improve the way of life that they experience. If you really want to go the United States you can study to be a teacher or a nurse and then file for a job application. It may take a long while before you can go so while waiting you can gain experience in your country. Another option is to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend who is an American Citizen. This is a bit harder because having long distance relationship takes great effort on both parties and it will also take time. There really is no easy way to migrate to the United States. You have to spend a lot of effort and time but if you really are set to get there then plan well and start taking action now.

  3. michelle says:

    I have read an article like this before on the net I just forgot the site, but it said there that there is huge opportunity in California for migration. From what I remember, it was stated that you kinda have to apply for a tourist visa (such visa is normally valid for 3 months to 10 years) then after you secure your tourist visa while you are staying in the US, you have to find a nice paying job, be a productive employee, do a great job, impress your boss then maybe you can persuade your employer to sponsor your visa so that you may convert your tourist visa to working visa. this is kinda a more detailed information relating to step no. 3. I hope that I helped out.

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