Changing Your UK Study Visa into A Permanent Residence Status

Are you a student visa holder who would like to permanently reside in the UK?  The UK is a place you can establish a prosperous life after studying.  However, becoming a permanent UK resident after studying isn’t exactly easy.  Student immigrants are rarely allowed to apply for permanent residency in the UK after they have finished their courses.  Nevertheless, there is still a way for you to eventually become a permanent resident in the UK.

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Steps in changing your UK study visa into a permanent residence status

Step 1:  Fulfill the conditions of your stay in UK as a student.

As a student visa holder in the UK, you are allowed to spend a few months in the area right after your education.  Use that period to get better acquainted with life in the UK.  You may want to explore job opportunities that fit your personality and educational accomplishment.  It is also advisable to use the time to get a temporary student job.

Step 2:  Return home and apply for a UK working visa.

Because the number of years you have studied in the UK does not qualify you to become a permanent resident, it is best to abide by UK immigration laws and return home.  There you can continue to assess whether you would still like to stay in the UK or otherwise.  If you still decide that you still want to reside permanently in the UK, you can proceed to apply for a UK working visa.

Check out the requirements for applying for a UK working visa.  Provide the said requirements as soon as possible to speed up the application process.  Giving more information than necessary is also helpful.

Step 3:  Take tests on whether the life in UK is suitable for you.

Numerous tests on assessing your compatibility with the UK lifestyle are available online.  The UK Border Agency provides one of such tests and it can be downloaded from the agency website.  You may also want to review what it takes to be a permanent UK resident.

Step 4:  Fulfill the conditions of your stay in UK as a working visa holder.

Once you have been approved of a working visa, finalize arrangements with your prospective employer.  When you’re in the UK, you are required to reside within the area for a certain number of years.  Remember to fulfill your obligations and abide by the UK immigration laws to be sure of a legitimate stay.

Step 5:  Apply to be a permanent resident in the UK.

Before your working permit expires, make sure to apply for permanent residency in the UK.  Check with the UK Border Agency for requirements.

Avoid applying for permanent residence in the UK after your working permit expires.  Doing so leaves you in danger of being denied of permanent residence.

Although it takes some effort and a lot of time to secure permanent residency in the UK, the amount of patience you give is worth it.  Especially if you have showed as a working immigrant that you can be a trustworthy UK resident and have worked hard to be one, you can enjoy being a permanent resident without hassle.

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