Applying for a UK Immigration Visa through Employment

In order to work in the United Kingdom, a foreigner must secure a visa from the UK government.  Most of the work visas in the United Kingdom may be obtained through meeting the requirements of the point system.

Requirements to be met by your UK employer to file for a petition

*  Your employer must provide you with a job offer.

*  Your employer must have a license to sponsor migrant workers to the UK.

5 steps in applying for a UK immigration visa through employment

Step 1:  Look for a UK employment sponsor

You may try local and foreign advertisements when looking for an employer in the United Kingdom.  Some employers publish ads at your local newspaper if they specifically require people from your country.  On the other hand, you may also read the ads from UK websites and inquire if they are accepting foreign applicants who are based outside the UK.

NOTE:  Prepare your credentials and other documents that will prove your competence for the job.

Step 2:  Get your certificate of sponsorship from the employer.

Once your employer has offered you the job, you should secure the certificate of sponsorship from your UK employer.

NOTE:  Your certificate of sponsorship should have a reference number.  It should also be issued by an organization or a company that has been licensed to sponsor migrant workers.

Step 3:  Apply for a work permit.

Once you have your certificate of sponsorship, you can start your application for a work permit.  Fill out the online form  and wait for their approval, which can take up to five weeks.

Step 4:  Submit the requirements for the work permit.

Once you get the approval, fill out the form, print it, and sign it.  Along with your certifications, educational and professional qualifications, employer references, and work contract or agreement with the company, submit this at the stated address.

NOTE:  Include all the relevant documents that might affect the point system evaluation for your migration.

Step 5:  Apply for a UK employment visa.

It can take between four to six weeks to receive the approval from the UK Home Office Border and Immigration Agency.  Once you have the work permit, take this and your other requirements to the British High Commission.

You will have to fill out an application form and pay some fees.  Your employment visa will be sent to you by the British Consulate in your home country.

Once you have your ordinary work permit, you are required to fulfill the job stated in your work permit.  You are also not authorized to take any other employment apart from what was stated in your work permit.  You are also required to leave the UK after your permit expires.  Your job should be sufficient to support you and your dependents without requiring assistance from the government’s funds.

Because every person’s and employer’s case may be different, it is best that you consult an employment counselor for a detailed evaluation of your qualification and a discussion of the employment visa process.

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