Applying for a Singaporean Permanent Residence Status

Application for Singapore citizenship is a huge opportunity for many foreigners.  A new life in Singapore begins with an Entry Permit for foreigners hoping to become Singapore Permanent Residents.  The application processing usually takes three months, with results announced through the mail.

Eligibility for a Singaporean permanent residence status

Foreigners falling under the following qualifications may submit their applications as SPRs:
1.  Senior parents of a Singapore Citizen
2.  Investors and/or Entrepeneurs
3.  Spouses and unmarried children (below 21) of a Singapore Citizen (SC) or SPR
4.  P, Q or S work pass holders

To start the application process, parents, spouses, and children of SPRs or SC must accomplish Form 4.

P, Q, or S work pass holders need to accomplish the Form 4A application form.

Steps in applying for a Singaporean permanent residence status

Step 1:  Accomplish your corresponding application form.

To begin their application, spouses, parents, and children of SPRs or SC must accomplish Form 4.  Meanwhile, P, Q, or S work pass holders need to accomplish the Form 4A application form.

As for foreign investors and entrepreneurs, they should apply under the Global Investor Programme of the Singapore Economic Development Board.

STEP 2:  Produce the following documents and acquire a photocopy of each.

Relatives of SCs or SPRs need to acquire the listed documents in addition to the application form:
1.  Travel document (valid)
2.  Identity cards of applicant and sponsor
3.  If available, sponsor’s Singapore Citizen Certificate
4.  Sponsor’s Birth Certificate
5.  Change of Name Certificate or Deed Poll of applicant if applicable
6.  Identity Card or Travel Document of applicant’s spouse or Death Certificate of applicant’s spouse
7.  Applicant’s Official Marriage Certificate
8.  A letter from sponsor’s employer stating the date of employment, position held, salary per month for the last 6 months (The letter should be dated one month from its submission)
9.  A statement from the Central Provident Fund (CPF) showing the monthly CPF contribution history of the sponsor
10.  Sponsor’s Income Tax Notices Assessment in the last three years
11. If sponsor is self-employed, sponsor’s valid Business Registration Certificate with names of partners and valid Vocational license
12. If applicable, birth certificates and citizenship certificates of sponsor’s siblings

For applicants with work passes, the same documents previously listed apply, but also include the following documents:
1.  Work pass
2.  Educational certificates, vocational trade certificates, and professional membership certificates
3.  For graduates, 2 photocopies of his or her degree or diploma must be submitted
4.  Birth certificate
5.  Testimonials from previous employer(s)
6.  Pay slips in the last 6 months and Income Tax Notices of Assessment in the last three years
7.  For those with a spouse, spouse’s educational certificate, birth certificate, and identity card
8.  Official birth certificates of children
9.  Death certificate or divorce certificate and/or custody papers of children in previous marriages

Step 3:  Make an appointment with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).

Submission of the Permanent Resident application form is only by appointment.  Ensure that you set up an appointment to secure your application.

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Step 4:  Double check your information and documents before going to the ICA building.

All required documents should be submitted during your appointment.  You will not be accepted if your submissions are incomplete.

Step 5: Arrive punctually to your scheduled application appointment.

Once you’re given the set date and time for your application as a permanent resident, bring your form and necessary documents to the ICA building.

Tips to avoid losing your permanent residence status

Don’t attempt submitting any false documents or hide any important information.  Such action denies you of all immigration facilities and are punishable by the law.  Male applicants should also take note that they are obliged to serve the National Service (NS) once they’re Singapore citizens.

The application process may seem rather tedious and complicated, but if you have any relatives living there or a potential career opportunity in the city, it is advisable to give the permanent resident application a try.

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  1. yvonne t. says:

    These simple advices really helps a lot when you’re attempting to live in Singapore. Well, as my friends say that holding a PR status in SG is a long, tedious process and it would require lots and lots of your patience. You should be ready in all of your documents be prepared in the interview process and be HONEST. You know that there are companies doing background checks for them just to know if you’re really telling them the truth. So I’d think twice before falsificating a document. You should also access yourself on the purpose of you applying this status. Is it because of work? Personal reasons? etc. It can actually help you to identify it on the interview process itself.

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