Applying for a Singaporean Dependent Pass for your Family

Being alone in a foreign country can be difficult.  Having to deal with a whole new environment by yourself can pretty much wear you out.  While your friends do fill the void of loneliness, there are some instances when your family is the only one that can bring closure.

If you do have some family left in your home country, you might want to bring them closer to you in Singapore.  The Dependent Pass, which the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore fully recognizes, is a sponsored visa which allows your loved ones to stay and work in Singapore.  As a sponsor, you must meet certain requirements that will make you eligible to apply for a DP (Dependent Pass).  If you possess an Employment Pass ( P1, P2, and Q1) or an S Pass with a fixed monthly salary rate of not lower than $2,500, then you may apply for a DP for either your spouse, or your legally adopted or unmarried children, which also covers newborns.

Initial steps in applying for a Singaporean Dependent Pass for your family

Step 1:  Find a well-known and established company in Singapore to sponsor your DP.

Having a well-established sponsor for your Singaporean Dependent Pass is a wise move.  This greatly increases the chances of a quick approval.

Step 2: Apply for an DP online account.

The MOM (Ministry of Manpower) has upgraded the processing speed with online applications; about 80% of all applications are fully processed within seven days.  You can also check the status of your application anytime online.

Step 3:  Prepare the right documents.

Make sure that your documents are complete and authentic.  If you come from a non-English speaking country, make sure all your documents are translated to English and the translation must be approved by your respective embassy.  Failure to do this will make your documents void.

Step 4:  Take care of your visa status.

Any faulty measures in your visa status will directly affect your application for a dependent pass.  The duration of dependent pass which you are applying for will depend on the duration of your E Pass or S Pass.  If your visa expires, so does your application.

Step 5:  Prepare your loved ones for a wonderful stay in Singapore.

Make sure you have the right means in accommodating your family in Singapore.  Also, make them aware of the rules and regulations in their new country.  Giving them a background on the lifestyle in Singapore is also a good idea in introducing them to living and working in Singapore.

Being in the direct presence of your loved ones can give you a sense of security and assurance.  Having your spouse or child by your side gives you a whole new meaning of inspiration, making you strive for more and work hard in a land of great opportunity.  You also provide your loved ones with better options and conditions both financially and emotionally by letting them live with you and work at Singapore.

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