Applying for a Japanese Long term Residence Status as a Spouse of a Japanese National

Foreigners can apply for a long-term residence status in Japan if they are married to a Japanese national.  A long-term residence status is a special visa category that does not limit the kind of activities the foreigner is allowed to engage in her or his length of stay.  However, this kind of title is only give to those who are children of Japanese nationals or to a foreigner who is married to one.

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Requirements for a Japanese long-term residence for spouses of Japanese nationals

Aside from meeting the above requirements, other legal requirements include:
•  Being a person of good conduct, someone who has consistently obeyed Japanese laws and has not broken any Japanese regulation during his or her stay in the country
•  Having sufficient assets to support himself or herself during the stay in the country
•  The person’s permanent residence or country of birth where he or she is based has good relations with Japan
•  The person  does not pose a threat to Japanese public health

Steps in applying for a Japanese long-term residence through a spouse

Step 1:  Get a list of the application form and the list of necessary documents.

You can do this by going to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, which contains the complete list of needed documents for various types of visas, among them for spouses and children of Japanese nationals.

Read up on the requirements to make sure that instructions are clear and so that you can start preparing your documents in advance.

Step 2:  Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility.

A certificate of eligibility is given by the Ministry of Justice of Japan before you can begin your visa application.  It is evidence that you have fulfilled all the requirements of the Immigration Control Act.  With this certificate, you can expect the overall processing time for your visa to be much shorter and landing permission procedures to flow smoother.

Make sure to fulfill all requirements of this certificate, as denial for a certificate of legibility will subject you to longer processing times and possible denial of entry at the landing port later on.

Step 3:  Fill-up the application form.

The embassy may send you a form through email or snail mail.  Follow instructions carefully as mistakes can lead to a return of your application.  The right ink color or the kind of handwriting needed (cursive or print) must be carefully noted before you fill your application up.

Step 4: Complete the necessary documents and pay the needed fees.

You will be required to present documents proving your marriage to a Japanese national as issued by the government in your country or the country of your spouse, as well as proof of your income or that of your spouse.  Complete your documents using a check-list system and double check to make sure all papers are accounted for.  Make sure all documents are complete as your application will not be processed if any document is lacking.

Step 5:  Mail all requirements.

Applicants living in Japan can mail their papers to the immigration office in Japan while those who are currently not in the country can mail their application requirements to the Japanese embassy in their country.  Check  that everything is complete before mailing the requirements in if you do not want to spend more money on mailing them again in the case of revisions or additions of missing documents.

A long-term residence visa is a special type of visa given to spouses of Japanese nationals or their children.  One can apply for this visa within one or three years in order to work or extend their stay in Japan with their spouse.  Request your application details from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs now and start applying for your Japanese long-term visa if you want to stay with your loved ones in Japan.

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