Applying for a Japanese Immigrant Visa through a Special Skill or Talent

Japan grants an immigrant visa to foreign workers who have skills that are of special value to the country.  Aside from the required work experience, the person must past Japanese speaking and writing competencies, which are required from people who will work and stay in Japan.  Only a small portion of the population can communicate in English, and Japanese is still the language of business.

Understanding the importance of your contribution to the Japanese society

These skilled workers include chefs, sports trainers, special engineers, pilots, entertainers, and other specialists in the field of sciences or humanities.  These people have the skills that can affect the business plans and the economy of Japan.

Japan also values the field of arts that special visas are also issued to entertainers and other people who have skills in cultural activities.  People working in the medical field are also required in Japan.  These jobs are important in maintaining the order and progress in the cities and rural areas of Japan.

5 steps in applying for a Japanese immigrant visa through special skills or talent

Step 1:  Look for a job.

In order to have a sponsor for your Japanese special skills visa, you should have a Japanese employer even before you enter the country.  If your home country or town is known for having people with skills that are required in Japan, Japanese employers post vacancy advertisements through your local newspapers.  You may also get in touch with the staffing firms and international job agencies.

NOTE:  You will need to meet the required educational and professional practice requirements before you become eligible for certain jobs in Japan.

Step 2:  Learn some Japanese language.

Many companies and persons in Japan use Nihonggo in their general communications.  If your job requires that you communicate a lot with the locals, you might be required to take Nihonggo classes and take speaking and writing exams.

NOTE:  Each job has a Japanese speaking and writing competency level requirement.

Step 3:  Have your employer to submit your visa application on your behalf.

US citizens and citizens of some other countries are allowed to stay in Japan without a visa for 90 days depending on the nature of their visit.  However, since you are entering Japan to be hired as an employee, you will need to get a visa.

NOTE:  Provide your employer with complete personal details that will be needed for the visa application.

Step 4:  Prepare your visa requirements

You must have a valid passport with a blank visa page, a filled out visa application form, a passport-sized picture that is attached to the application form, certificate of eligibility, and a photocopy of the certificate of eligibility.

NOTE:  The visa application form may be downloaded from the website of the Japanese embassy or consulate.

Step 5:  Present yourself at the Japanese embassy with your passport.

Once the requirements that need to be met by your employer are all ready, you will have to submit your visa requirements to the Japanese embassy or consulate in your area.  You may bring the requirements in person, or you may mail them to the stated address.

NOTE:  It is best that you use a postal service that issues tracking numbers.

Applying for a Japanese visa through your special skill is considered as one of the surest ways to be permitted to stay in Japan longer than 90 days.  Your skills will be needed in the growth of the Japanese culture and economy.

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