Solar Power – Making the Switch is Easy

Solar power has become a very attractive alternative to traditional power delivery systems. Solar power generates power on site, instead of at a power plant like with a traditional system. Solar power has several advantages, all of which contribute to solar power’s growing popularity.

The Advantages of Renewable Energy

One of the major advantages of solar power is that it uses a renewable resource, the sun, for most of its power generation. Some non-renewable resources goes into the production, transfer, sale, and maintenance of the solar cell. However, discounting these resources, solar power is considered to be very “green” and renewable. This means that the power generated by solar cells will not be affected by shortages in resources like oil. This makes them very attractive to consumers worried about peak petroleum and its impacts on society. The cost of producing a kilowatt of electricity using the sun is never going to rise.

Earn Money With Solar Power

Another obvious advantage is that the energy generated by a solar panel is free to the owner of that panel. After the initial investment is paid, the solar panel starts to become a money maker. When connected to the grid, a solar panel can feed the power utilities and earn the owner money. This is a great plan for owners of property located in sunny areas. During the bright months of the year, these miniature solar power plants will earn money for their owner.


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The Efficiency of Solar Energy

Another advantage with solar power is that power is generated on site. This means that the power will not suffer from loss due to transmission. In a traditional power system, electricity is generated at a power plant and then distributed along miles of electrical cable to end consumers. Each segment of wire introduces loss into the power system, which translates into wasted energy. This energy usually comes from a non-renewable resource like coal, which is extremely wasteful. As these resources become more scarce, the cost of electricity is sure to rise. Power companies transmit electricity in alternating current to mitigate some of these losses. As such, virtually all modern electrical appliances run on alternating current.

The Value of a Good Inverter

One major disadvantage with solar panels is that they generate direct current. The power from a solar panel must therefore be converted to alternating current to be used by appliances. A solar inverter is a device designed to accept solar panel direct current and transform it into alternating current. This is a critical point in a solar energy system’s design. Most of the energy loss in the system will happen at the inverter. It is therefore wise to invest in an inverter with high efficiency. The upfront costs will surely be made up in long term savings. A high-efficiency, reliable power inverter will likely serve its owner for years by providing clean alternating current during sunny days.

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