Seven Water Saving Tips

The majority of the earth’s make-up is water. However, we cannot use all the water on the earth. The problem is the chemicals and saline in the water that prevents us from using the water – imagine washing your car with water from the sea, by the time you finish it will be a rust bucket.


So what can we do with the water we have available for us to use? Here are seven easy water saving tips:

Number One – In The Shower: Three things you need to do in the shower: one, use a smaller water head, shorten your shower and use a bucket to catch the excess water.

Number Two – Washing Your Car: The best way to wash your car is with a bucket. The average water consumption when washing a car with a hosepipe is one hundred and fifty litres. Compare that to using a few five litre buckets and it will end up saving you a lot of water.

Number Three – Preparing Food: Remember to use bowls to wash your meat and vegetables. Once you have finished cleaning your food, you can then distribute the water around the pot plants in the house.

Number Four – Your Toilet: Upgrade your toilet to a more water efficient models and put food colouring into the toilet tank. If it seeps into the toilet bowl without flushing, you know your toilet is leaking and wasting water.

Number Five – Repair Leaks: Inspect your house for leaking pipes or tap faucets. A common recommendation is to check your water meter, then do not use water for a few hours and recheck your water meter. If you detect any water usage during that time, contact a plumber as soon as you can and have them repair the leak for you.

Number Six – Garden Wisely: When installing a water sprinkler system, ensure you do not water paved areas. Focus water output only onto your grass and plants, this way your garden will benefit and you will not waste water unnecessarily.

Number Seven – Cover Your Swimming Pool: Covering your swimming pool will help prevent evaporation. A further advantage of a pool cover is that it will reduce the amount of chemicals. The reason is, when the water evaporates it evaporates the calcium condensed in the water and you need to add more chemicals to keep the water from damaging your skin.

Let us conclude with a weird and wonderful fact about water. Did you know that if you throw boiling hot water into the air in sub-zero weather it will instantly turn into snow – try it and find out for yourself…

I am Greg Jones, a sports nut, food lover, fitness freak and water coolers user.

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