How Should We Be Fighting The War on Drugs?

Drugs are an ever-increasing problem in our country. The National Institute on Drug Abuse did a survey on drug use in our schools. In that survey, 40% of High School seniors said they took some illegal drug in the last year. Forty percent!

Drugs are hitting our youth younger and younger, and by the time our children reach High School it has become almost a very common part of their lives.

Our country has spent billions of dollars on the War on Drugs. Tens of thousands of lives have been lost trying to fight this epidemic. But according to a Gallup poll, only 31% of Americans think that the U.S. government is making much progress in dealing with illegal drugs.

So what is to be done?


How Should We Be Fighting The War on Drugs?

There are so many varying opinions on how the War on Drugs should be fought. For the most part, most people think that we should continue on with the enforcement that we’ve been doing, but change some of our focus to include more prevention and treatment.


The first school of thought about how the government should change their focus for the War on Drugs is to move towards more efforts on prevention. And so far, that is the way that the government has started to go. In the past, most of the drug fighting efforts have gone towards enforcement. But the government has started to focus more on things like drug abuse prevention.

By putting more funds into things like education, the thought is that we can increase prevention of drug use and abuse. While doing this, they are hoping to prevent addictions from forming in the first place. If they are able to do this, the hope is that we can decrease our country’s demand for harmful and illegal drugs, thus decreasing many of the problems that they are causing in our communities.


The next way that many people would like to see the War on Drugs fought is to have an added focus on treatment. The idea is that, instead of seeking out and punishing drug offenders, the government should put more funds and focus on treating these addicts. Again, this is another thing that the government has started to put more of a focus on.

The idea behind this one is similar to the idea behind prevention: if we can limit the demand, we can limit the effects drugs are having on our country. So, with treatment, this one obviously makes sense. We must realize that drug addiction is real. If we are able to give more addicts the treatment they need to try to fight and overcome their dependence, that could help to diminish many of the problems that those addictions are causing. Many people feel this would be a much better use of our country’s limited funds.

It seems like our country could potentially be on a good path with the War on Drugs. They’ve continued to put funds into enforcing our laws regarding illegal drugs. But, they’ve started to work to have more of a focus on prevention and treatment on drug dependence. If we continue to work to prevent drug dependence, and to provide treatment to those who are suffering from drug addictions, hopefully we will be able to see some great progress on the War on Drugs in our country.

Nicole is a guest author for Gulf Coast Rehab. They work to help people get off and stay off of drugs.

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