Earth Post Apocalypse

I am now left wondering just how soon it will be before life on Earth as we know it completely implodes. Every day another country descends into civil war and it seems like there are more refugees than permanent residents on the planet. There are several nations where the regimes in power will soon have nobody to govern because everyone has left and our resources are depleting at such an alarming rate that we will soon be warring over them too. In fact when I come to think about it we already are! The warning signs are there. The apocalypse is coming it is simply matter of when not if.

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The Aftermath

I can’t help thinking about what the world will be like after the Armageddon that will surely be visited upon us. I doubt if it will be anything like the Hollywood version of events depicted in a string of post-apocalyptic movies in recent times. Here, after a worldwide natural disaster, alien invasion or nuclear war the planet teeters on the brink of extinction before an heroic American, usually Will Smith, arrives in the nick of time to save the world.

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