How to Migrate to the USA as a student

International students are mandated to follow the immigration rules of the US. If a student wants to engage in another endeavor outside academics, this is permitted only in accordance to DHS regulations. A student is usually admitted to the country for duration of status, it means they are permitted to remain in America as long as legal student status is maintained, and not the time frame listed on the Certificate of Eligibility. Following are the crucial documents and reminders that any migrating student has to bear in mind:


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Step 1: Attend to the documents, and they are:

Certificate of Eligibility
Arrival and Departure Record
Entry Visa

Step 2: The school you would be in is that appearing on the documents labelled as DS-2019 or I-20.

Step 3: Have the Certificate of eligibility valid constantly, apply for an extension of stay once a month prior to expiration.

Step 4: A student who is on post-completion work must email address changes to the Office of International Education.

Step 5: Finish all necessary transfer procedures if you want to transfer schools. You need to talk to the international student advisor of the new school, he/she would be giving the mandated steps and other reminders.

Step 6: A student under the F1 status has a sixty-day grace period to do any of the following- exit the country or change the immigration status to another.

Step 7: Be aware of the no-no’s. One of them is this- never work on campus for more than twenty hours (weekly) while the semester or term is active.

Step 8: learn the language- face it, this is the United States. While you may be able to survive by merely using your Russian and a bit of self-invented sign language, there would be a lot of inconveniences to be expected if a person could barely speak English.

To put a recap: a student migrating to the country has to make sure that all documents have been taken care of. Any change in address must be relayed to the concerned office. Also, while working is not forbidden in many cases, there are rules that could not be breached. Otherwise, the student would be facing severe consequences.

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