Switching to a Water Filter Makes Sense

Looking to pick the best water filter for your home? Around 85% of American homes use hard water – water that contains higher than normal mineral deposits. Switching to a water filtration system is a good way to keep the expenses down and the worries at bay. The main disadvantage to hard water is that it creates a scum that is difficult to wipe away. It leaves a lasting film or even a rough-to-the-touch feeling on hair, clothes, linens and appliances. Most soap used in conjunction with hard water leaves a residue. Your bath soap might not give you enough foam, and in return leaves a layer of dried soap long after the shower is over.

Although hard water has its downsides, many people are used to that feeling. Their clothes still don’t feel clean, or their skin stays oily after they take a shower. However, there are several real problems involved using hard water:

  1. Low shelf life on appliances: Carbonate buildup occurs on appliances connected to water. Dishwashers and washing machines have a layer of grime coming from their hoses. More service calls are required to fix problems from mineral buildup. And it’s not just the dishwasher and washing machine; the ice machine, coffee maker and freezer aren’t safe, either.
  2. Dishes just never get clean: You may spend a good 10 minutes scrubbing away at your good frying pan, only to see a white layer of film over it the very next day. Unfiltered water leaves spots on glasses and never seems to clean off soap from dishes. If your dishwasher is incapable of cleaning off your forks, it may be the water.
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  4. Dirty pipes: Over time, hard water leaves a deposit on pipes and faucets. If the shower pressure isn’t what it used to be, that could mean that years of calcium and other minerals are backing up the pipes.
  5. Not quite clean: Just like leaving residue on your sink, unclean water leaves a layer on your skin. Even more, it can dry out your skin and hair. You end up spending more money on lotion and fancy soaps or shampoos.

Hard water systems don’t quite cut it when you want to stay clean in a gunk-free home. Companies like LifeSource Water provide water filtration systems that are long lasting and hassle free. The system is easy to install and lasts longer than that new shirt will after it’s been in the hard water wash a few times.

Pumping clean water through your pipes just makes sense. Choosing a water filter is an easy task when you know that the results are beneficial. Your pipes will thank you. Your clothes will thank you. Your body will thank you. Most importantly, your sanity will thank you.

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