You Wheelie Need to Hide that Waste!

Wheelie bins have transformed my neighbourhood.  There is something very simple yet effective about this bin design.  Since the local council introduced wheelie bins to my local area the incidents of rubbish in the street has dropped dramatically.


When Seagulls Attack

The main problem in my area is the seagulls.  I live close to the coast and there are several species of sea and land gulls that nest and feed in my local area.  These gulls are a real pest and will happily tear open plastic bin bags to get at the food waste inside.

Although the council advise people not be put their rubbish out in advance of the collection day many people did leave bags out on the roads for days on end. Within a few days the gulls had ripped these bags open creating a horrible mess and leaving rubbish strewn about the roads.

Fortunately this problem has now been virtually eradicated by the introduction of wheelie bins.  Now people have a seagull-proof place to store their plastic bin bags until delivery day. I have also noticed just how much faster and easier the delivery is for the bin men as well.

All they have to do is wheel the bins up to the bin lorry and lock it on to the rear.  The automated arm then lifts up the bin and deposits it in the hopper. In the old days the plastic bin bags had to be manually picked up by the bin men and put in the hopper. If the bag was split then the bin men rarely stopped to pick up all the debris.  The wheelie bin method seems to be so much quicker, easier and cleaner for everyone.

A Fresher Smell

Another positive aspect of wheelie bin for me is that they cut down on smell.  In the summer it doesn’t take long for household waste to start to smell.  I live on the ground floor of a block of flats.  All the rubbish bags used to be deposited in a small closed off area which was not far from my front door.  After a few weeks of hot weather both myself and a few of the other tenants could really start to smell the rubbish.  This was very unpleasant and often restricted me from having my windows open in the warm weather.

However since the rubbish has been placed in wheelie bins this smell has been significantly improved.  The wheelie bins are made from heavy duty plastic and have solid closing lids.  This keeps the smells down and makes this area of the flats so much cleaner and tidier.


Wheelie bins had really worked to clean up my neighbourhood. This has kept the household waste out of the way of pesky seagulls and kept the rubbish off the streets.

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