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The party plan concept is nothing new, and anyone who was a child in the 1970s or early 1980s will remember the height of their Mum’s social calendar being the Tupperware party hosted by a friend. The Tupperware concept is still going strong and has been joined by a whole host of competing companies selling everything from organic girls clothing to candles and kitchen goods. The expanding party plan sector needs a constant stream of new people to host the parties and sell to their friends, so is it a good career move?

Know Your Market

The most successful party plan workers are those who are passionate and knowledgeable about the products they sell. Someone who can’t boil an egg isn’t going to make a huge success selling something like the Pampered Chef range, and a young student with no children of their own is going to struggle to convince Mums to buy their organic children’s clothing, however good the product. Stick to products which you know about and feel confident in selling, and take time to research the different opportunities before signing on the dotted line.


Some of the party plan companies limit the amount of people selling the products in a specific geographic area, but others have no limits to the number of people who they sign up. This could potentially mean that you are trying to sell into a saturated market where there are lots of much more experienced sellers who have already made the contacts and got the stalls at the craft fairs and school fetes. It may be more of a risk to choose a newly launched party plan range, but the novelty may be what makes the difference between success and failure.


Initial Outlay

All of the party plan companies will ask you to commit financially to join the company, whether this means buying your first batch of catalogues to hand out to friends and family or buying the starter pack of products or samples to help you make sales. Do your research into the company and see how much you will have to put in to get started, and try to estimate how long it will take you to recoup this investment. In the early months of running a party plan you will be kept busy with friends and relations requesting parties, but once you have approached everyone you know it can be difficult to maintain sales on an ongoing basis.

DIY Party Plan

If the ideal of party plan and being your own boss appeals, there is nothing to stop you coming up with your own idea and growing your business through your own network of party planners. If you are lucky enough to get in at the beginning of a successful party plan company and work your way up the ranks of the management structure, the rewards can be considerable. In almost 30 years with the Ann Summers organisation, their top sales manager has been rewarded with new cars, holidays and jewellery for her team’s performance.

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