Looking After your Family: A Parent’s Guide

As a parent, what would you say is your most important job? Most parents would suggest putting food on the table, providing a roof to live under and keeping their children safe. If we have a job, most of us can achieve the first and second. But what do we do about the last requirement?

Family First

Protecting your family is instinctive behaviour and doesn’t need to be taught. Our primary job, above all is to ensure the survival of our genes, after all. But, as social creatures, human beings care for all their family members, not just the next generation and want to keep them safe. You may find that your main concern becomes elderly parents for example, who feel unsafe in their homes. With infirmity comes uncertainty. Fitting window shutters on ground floor windows will give your elderly parents peace of mind and you can be sure intruders won’t trouble them.

family first

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External Threats

Threats to family safety come in many forms, of course. Who would ever have imagined the scenes of rioting last year during the summer? It was neither imagined nor predicted, particularly the scope of the trouble, which fanned out across the country. We all recall the scenes of shops on fire, but less reported were the incidents of home burglary and intrusion that took place. Burglars took advantage of the distraction to get to work and home robberies peaked. Home intruders are an understandable concern for parents. We only have to recall the abduction of Madeline McCann to shudder at the memory of our worst nightmare. Whilst it is extremely unlikely to happen, home intrusions do occur and it can be a terrifying experience for children even if they are not the targets.

What Can You Do?

With all this in mind, it makes sense to make your property as secure as possible. If you have thought little about the issue, then don’t feel bad. We are a trusting nation and have largely been able to have confidence that our homes are our castles. But with increasing economic uncertainty, theft of property through home intrusion is an increasing danger. Consider all the ways you can secure your home from intruders, such a fitting security locks and motion-sensitive external lights. You should also look at the option of fitting some of the new design security shutters to door and windows. These days they are so unobtrusive when not in use that you will barely notice them. But at night, you can be sure you’ve fulfilled number three on that list. Your family will be safe.

Daley works with www.advancesecurity.uk.net to help families feel safer and more secure in their homes by providing the best security products around.

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