How To Treat Stretch Marks

A high amount of people from all different walks of life can suffer the appearance of stretch marks on the body. Dermatologists will refer to them as striae but what can you do to reduce stretch marks if you happen to see them appear?

Why and where they occur

Stretch marks will appear in a range of cases where there has been a growth of the skin that has been particularly rapid or conversely if there has been a very fast diminishment. Typical examples are in pregnant woman, bodybuilders, those going through adolescence or any person experiencing a rapid increase or decrease in their weight. The biggest reason behind it is that the middle layer of the skin known as the dermis is placed under extreme wear and is stretched, producing a number of red lines or a similar colour on the skin. The sights on the body affected include but are not exclusively limited to the upper part of the arms and underneath, around and above the hips, the stomach, thighs and the buttocks.

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Although stretch marks appear a red kind of colour at first and are quite striking they do fade over time and what you will tend to see thereafter are faint, almost silvery lines that can often be barely visible. Stretch marks are totally harmless and it is merely an aesthetic matter but there are ways in which you may choose to help with the appearance of them.

Applying products

The most frequent advice you will receive when you ask about treating them is to apply a lotion or a cream, and bio oil is sold in most supermarkets and pharmacies. These may assist to a small degree if the marks have just shown up or if for example you are pregnant and trying to avoid stretch marks appearing.


It may perhaps sound extreme to some but another way of dealing with the marks is by way of a surgical procedure. A ‘tummy tuck’, or in technical terminology an abdominoplasty, can be used to eliminate excess fat in the abdominal region and will remove the stretch marks but is understandably an expensive avenue to venture down.


There are numerous methods of laser surgery that will contribute significantly to the lessening of their appearance but will not give a complete eradication. As the marks naturally fade over time there are laser procedures that quicken this process, but again they are costly in financial terms and take a number of sessions to complete.

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