How to Set a Good Web Design

this post answers the following questions
1. What are the three core properties of a god web design?
2. Why should you be familiarize yourself with web design?
3. Is it important to learn how these great design elements were implemented?
4. Why try and make a basic layout and outline?
5. What are the benefits of having a good web design?

For any website, web design plays a crucial part in how visitors react to the site and what they think of it.  Different people will have varying criteria for what makes a good website design, but a good design generally constitutes three core properties: ease of use, visual appeal, and uniqueness.  Read on to learn how to make a good website design for your site.

Steps on setting the standards for a good web design

Step 1:  Study web design.

Before you can execute a good web design for your website, it’s important to familiarize yourself with web design, how it works, and what makes a certain web design good.  You can find numerous guides and informative articles on “good web design” just by searching through the Internet.

Step 2:  Study what makes other websites good.

The next step is to find some examples of good web design.  This will take some time, so be prepared to search for highly rated websites on multiple tabs in your browser.  Compare and contrast websites to see what makes certain designs stand out from the others.

Step 3:  Learn how these design elements are implemented.

Next, try to find out how these great design elements were implemented into these other websites.  Did the site owner hire professionals to build the site from ground up?  Or, did the site designer make use of popular tools to help with designing?  Where can you get access to these tools?

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Step 4:  Lay out a design for your own website.

The next step is to try and make a basic layout and outline of your website.  Make sure to include some of the features, concepts, and tools that you admired on other websites.

Step 5:  Execute your design.

Perhaps the hardest step is to execute your design.  You may want to hire a professional if you are aiming for a professional, top-notch site.  Otherwise, you can learn the tricks of the trade yourself.  Make sure to use web design tools to make things easier for yourself.

The benefits of having a good web design

–  Good web design attracts more visitors, because a well-designed site is easy on the eyes, attractive, and easy to use.
–  Good web design can get more turnovers.  Because good web design is convenient and easy to interact with and use, it makes it easier for visitors to navigate your site, sign up for your services, and purchase your products.

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  1. Remember that in order for people to visit your website on a regular basis, content is not the only requirement. You also need to have a good layout or design that is appealing that has high aesthetic value yet simple enough for people to be able to navigate. You must also know how to edit and add some taste/spice to your layout, even though there are a lot of websites out there that offer free layouts, it wouldn’t hurt to know what you are dealing with and it would also be better if you knew how to use Image Editing programs such as Photoshop and Corel Draw as this could help you add a personal touch to your design.

  2. When making a website, always bear in mind the purpose of your website and your target visitors. Also ask yourself what do you like about a certain website and what you hate about a certain website, so as to avoid them.

    Me, personally, I don’t like websites with pages that takes too long to load in my browser, large graphics usually does this. Too much animation or advertisements in a webpage is also a no-no for me, including black pages with fonts that you can barely read. But that’s just me. So always take into consideration your target market.

    In short, you need to do some or a lot of researching in order to come up with a good website that will make your visitors stay and come back.

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