How to Save Consistently at the Grocery Store

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Grocery savings are a popular topic among consumers, and if you have yet to jump on board the bandwagon of “couponing” and super savings, it is best to start with a simple budget. After all, a budget keeps you from spending money, not only to just save it, a different mindset that some bargain hunters adopt. Without a budget already established, any savings from these methods is likely to be insignificant. Tracking your spending and your savings with a budget allows you to plan around your habits, then adjust each so that you are in complete control of how you shop. Think of a budget as a boundary within which you are free to get creative without compromising additional funds.

Creating a Grocery Budget

The first step in creating a grocery budget is to determine exactly how much you spend at the market. Gather your receipts from the past four to eight weeks and divide to get a weekly or bi-weekly total, depending on how often you frequent the grocer. Use this number to help guide your initial grocery budget. You will likely want to slim down this non-budgeted figure quite a bit, but at first, you should only concentrate on shopping within guidelines.

Start with a realistic figure for your budget. Whittling down too much too soon will only frustrate you and make you less likely to succeed. Remember that you are budgeting for your family’s financial health, not to win a competition. A grocery stipend allows more room in your overall budget for other needs and wants. Whether you are saving for college tuition, a new home or a family vacation, each dollar saved in the supermarket helps. Perhaps start by reducing the weekly grocery bill by five percent to practice sacrificing items that you do not need and finding ways to save with coupons and deal-hunting.

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Continuing the Budget-Cut Trend

As you become more comfortable with this sum, decrease the total grocery budget by five percent again. These small steps will show a more lasting improvement than if you jump in at a decrease of 30 percent or larger. It is possible, however, for some shoppers to reach such a mark in as few as six months. However, do not push yourself: The key to budgeting success is easing into a routine without completely upsetting your comfort zone. If you go over-budget one week, asses the bill and find where you might have saved more.

Good In-Store Habits

While in the store, there are several ways to stick to the budget you have established. First and foremost, always shop with a grocery list. Shop on the top and the bottom of the aisles. Big brands pay grocers a premium to have their products shelved at your eye level. Bending down low or getting up on your toes may result in a much better deal for a comparable product. When you are using coupons, ensure that your sale price is lower than that of the generic store-brand item on the shelf nearby. It is important to note that, while the store brand typically saves you cash, it is prudent to always check the price by volume instead of the item price. Sometimes, looks can be deceiving.

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