How to Limit Your Use of Gas to Save Energy

You may not be aware of it, but you might be wasting a lot of gas every time you drive. There are actually a lot of ways through which you can save a lot of gas. Read the article to know how to save on gas.

Steps on limiting your use of gas

Step #1: Don’t be an aggressive driver

Speeding, braking, and rapid acceleration can waste gas. At highway speed, aggressive driving can lower your gas mileage by 33 percent. Aside from saving gas, non-agressive driving is safer.

Step #2: Be aware of the speed limit

You also have to be aware of your car’s speed limit. When the vehicle reaches the optimal fuel economy at a different range of speeds, the gas mileage decreases very fast.

Step #3: Avoid idling

Excessive idling can cost you a great deal of gas. You have to avoid idling especially if your car has a large engine. Cars with large engines waste a large amount of gas when idle.


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Step #4: Remove unnecessary items from your car

You also need to remove the useless items from your car, especially heavy ones. Heavy items on your vehicle can waste gas.

Step #5: Consider using overdrive gears

Overdrive gears can make your engine’s speed go down. This results in lesser energy consumption.

Tips and reminders

You need to keep these tips in mind in order to save on the cost of your fuel consumption. These steps will not only help you save on gas. They also ensure your safety and your family’s safety while you drive.

We need to save on energy. This is to save money. Aside from this, saving on gas is also environmentally friendly. This is why you should bear the tips above in mind. You should start practicing these steps right now. After all, saving energy is always a good idea.

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  1. gas shortage is one of the problem the world is encountering right now. we can help and save mother earth by saving gas in our own little ways. for me, everything starts with the person itself, in our neighborhood or even in our own back yard.

    if we don’t necessary need to use our car then don’t think twice, we can always walk or even jug to arrive in our destination. we can see this as our own little way to save gas and having a physically fit body as well.

  2. We use gas in our daily lives directly or indirectly.We can help alleviate the problem of gas shortage by limiting the consumption of it. People who own v ehicles can help by conserving gas through conservation programs aimed at them. They can follow guidelines to help them not only conserve gas but also save lots of money for other more purposeful uses.If they live near their school or their offices,they can just walk,not only will this help conserve gas,walking is also a good form of exercise to benefit the health of the person.There are really many other forms of ways to conserve gas,it just falls on us,on our will and our responsibility to help not only ourselves,but also the environment as well.

  3. Aside from the tips stated above, take full advantage of the breakthroughs in technology. There are cars out there that are more fuel-efficient, and some do not even use the conventional oil for fuel, instead they use water, electricity or solar power to run. Although they are more costly than most conventional cars, rest assured that in buying one, you not only save yourself some money in the long run, you are also helping promote the cars and clean living. You can also try using bicycle instead, just like in China wherein most people use Bicycles as a means of transportation.

  4. potrish78 says:

    Poorly maintained cars use more gas compared to a highly maintained car or a newly bought one. The oil should be frequently changed. I was lucky enough that I don’t have to worry about the schedules of my car’s oil change because the company I’m working for takes care of it. Avoid the temptation of car racing on the road. When you’re racing on the road, you’re wasting too much gas. And when you’re driving on a downhill road, DO NOT put the transmission on neutral instead leave the transmission on gear. It is a common misconception that an accelerating vehicle on neutral gear saves more gas. The engine still uses gas on neutral transmission just like when your car is in idle mode. So, lift your foot off of the accelerator while your transmission is on gear then let gravity and the remaining acceleration do the job. Most fuel-injected cars stop the supply of gas the moment you lift your foot off of the accelerator.

  5. It is inevitable that oil will become scarce and depleted in the near future. Alternative mode of transportation can reduce our reliance on oil and prove more gentle to the environment. Hybrid cars are gaining popularity as an environmentally friendly transportation. Popular car companies are coming out with their own models of these half-fuel, half-electric vehicles and most likely there is a model out there that fits your budget and taste. Hybrid cars may be in their infancy, but it can truly save energy and promote cleaner air when introduced to the mainstream.

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