How To Host The Perfect Memorial Day BBQ

Hosting the perfect Memorial Day BBQ is primarily about the atmosphere.  If you’re in the middle of a backyard project like adding sprinklers, it can also be a great way to show off your hard work.

Adding sprinklers in advance of any party is a great way to get that backyard nice and green without having to worry continuously about the watering cycle.  If you already have sprinklers and are noticing a problem?  Check that out before the event as well to eliminate dry spots in your lawn.  Either new or old, use hydrostatic test pumps to test the system to find leaks or ensure all is working properly underneath the ground.

While you’re freshening up the backyard, you will also want to power clean and possibly reseal your deck or patio, giving it that ready for a party look.  If there are any other parts of the backyard that need attention, do that as well to provide for that completed ready for a party feel.

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When planning a party, it’s all about creating the mood.  Once your backyard is spruced up and ready to, you may want to add some festive decorations for the occasion:

  • Festive Lighting: String lights in the trees, or add solar lights along walkways.
  • Seating Areas: providing a gathering place for your guests to sit and visit.
  • Creative Holiday Decoration: flags and streamers are great Memorial Day decorations.
  • BBQ: If you have a BBQ area, prepare it, if not maybe this is just the excuse to buy that nice new BBQ you’ve been eyeing.

Any of these elements will help to create that holiday atmosphere.  Once you’ve created the atmosphere there are several other important elements necessary to hosting the perfect BBQ.

  • The BBQ itself: make sure you have plenty of charcoal or propane (there’s nothing like running out right as your ready to cook for your guests).
  • Purchase the necessary dinnerware: paper plates, silverware, cups, etc.
  • Plan that great BBQ menu: whether hot dog and hamburgers to steak and ribs, planning all the side dishes as well will make for a more pleasant menu.
  • Set up seating and eating areas:  Make sure you have provided places for people to eat and to mingle.  It is great if you have a yard large enough to provide for more than one gathering area as well.
  • Create the mood:  Do you have festive music you can play?  Or are there games you’d like to involve your guests in?  Whatever other activities you have planned prepare them ahead of time as well.

Once you’ve covered you bases, the most important part to hosting a fabulous Memorial Day BBQ is to relax and enjoy yourself and to allow your guest to do the same.

Micah Castro is a freelance writer for Regal Tool & Supply who specializes in hydrostatic test pumps and other professional grade test pumps.

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