How to Choose the Right Tutor for Your Teen

When your teen needs a tutor, it can be a frustrating experience trying to find someone who is competent, reasonably priced and someone you would allow to spend time with your teenager. While most people fit at least two of the aforementioned characteristics, the third one tends to be the one that sets off alarms in a caring parent’s mind. Fortunately, there are some ways you can plan for these potential problems and avoid them in the first place. Your teen can get the tutoring that he or she needs.

Post Ads Lots of Places

Advertising for what you want on a lot of websites is a bit of work, but it can result in a lot of good candidate responses. You might also want to post your ad in places where potential tutors might be found, such as at coffee shops and on college campuses. While you can never tell where a great candidate might come from, opening up more options will make the process an easier one.

Another great thing about having a lot of “feelers” out is that you can find a lot of people for different subjects. If your teen needs help in a few different areas, this might mean that they could use some help from a few different tutors. While one tutor may fit all, this is a fairly rare occurrence. In a lot of cases, you might even find that having lots of ads only produces a few people who really fit the bill.

Accept and Ask for Referrals

Do you know any other parents who have had success with tutors in the past? If so, that’s the first place you should be starting off. While social proof only goes so far, in a lot of cases a good referral means that the tutor is a trustworthy and knowledgeable person who can really help your teen to succeed. Don’t underestimate how powerful your network can be in helping you find someone who can really help out.


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Do a Background Check

Background checks can be something simple or something more sophisticated. If you join an agency that allows you to do criminal background checks on people, this will at least let you know if you’re letting a thief or a mugger into your home. But beyond that, you might also be able to check the potential tutor’s qualifications before laying down your money and opening up your home. At least check their references.

When you hire a tutor, you have a lot to think about. Is this person safe to be around your teen? Will they actually be helpful academically? Do your homework first.

About the Author: Brittanie Devazier works for a private tutoring company and has worked with children and teens. The easiset relationships to form are with students who recognize that they need help learning – not students who have had no idea their parents were conspiring behind their backs. Talk to your teen so he knows what to expect and things will go much smoother.

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