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The idea of becoming a chauffeur is appealing for many reasons ; you get to dress in a smart suit every day, drive nice cars and you even have the opportunity to be self-employed or working for an established company in order to gain a constant wage. However, there are also some knock backs that you have to deal with, most companies will not employ anyone unless they are over the age of 25 and some won’t even look at you until you’re 30; this is for insurance reasons, they will also not accept you if you have any more than six points on your driving licence – however minor the reason.

It is best to have some form of experience before applying or at least some form of driving qualification. There is a course run by the British Chauffeurs Guild that is highly rated, it will also show that you know the theory behind the driving. Any other qualifications that you have such as LGV or PCV will give the companies more confidence in you as they show your ability to drive large vehicles along with passenger carrying vehicles; this is especially useful if you don’t have any experience.


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In order to get started you are going to have to endure the rubbish runs that a company will give you – everyone has to start at the bottom – the more of these types of jobs you say yes to, the more experience you will gain and the more the company will value you as an employee. To get started in a company the best thing to do would be to start on a casual basis – they are unlikely to hire you right away with no previous experience – them being able to drop the last minute jobs on you is invaluable to them and something that every budding chauffeur has to endure.

Before you can start you will need to apply for a licence and depending on where you work these will vary. Once you have found a company that are willing to employ you – you don’t actually have to be employed by them at this point –  you will be required to acquire a Private Hire Licence, in London however you have to have a PCO licence these are obtainable at the Public Carriage Office.

Although this seems like the perfect career driving around in a gleaming top of the range car all day, you have to work unsocial and sometimes long hours, you have to be prepared to deal with miserable and rude clients along with the fact that it could be quite an inconvenient move to begin with while you are becoming established in a company. If you are serious these are the things you have to accept and you will succeed.

Written by Nick Owens, a chauffeur for private airport transfers, for

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