A Mortgage Broker Can Help You Find Your Dream Home

Buying your own property can be an uphill task. This is the major reason why people opt to get a mortgage broker to help save stress and time. In the process of looking for the ideal option, many people find themselves bombarded with too much information and so it can really get confusing. The worst part is that if you choose the wrong option then you risk not getting your dream house. A good mortgage broker will advise you according to your circumstances, needs and budget.

How a mortgage broker can help

The mortgage broker guides the potential buyer using their knowledge and experience in the lending market. The mortgage broker will guide the would-be buyer through the numerous deals, incentives and interest rates that are on offer. The broker will offer you the appropriate advice regarding the mortgage; you should pick according to your financial status.

Types of mortgage brokers

  • Mortgage brokers can be divided into three categories. The first types are the brokers who are tied to a single lender or to specific lenders. This means that if you were to go with this type of broker then they will recommend these specific mortgages, and will charge commission and not an upfront fee.
  • There are mortgage brokers who will recommend clients to lenders from a selection or a panel who represent a small section of the whole market. Some brokers are whole of the market brokers where they are linked to a panel of lenders.
  • The third types of mortgage brokers are the independent type of brokers. These kinds of mortgage brokers don’t have any affiliations with any lenders or other services that they refer clients to for mortgages. Since they are not affiliated with any lenders, they are able to give sound impartial mortgage advice.

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How you can find a mortgage broker

One of the ways that you can find a good mortgage broker is by getting information from people who have successfully found a mortgage. Word of mouth is important because you are able to hear the advice first hand from someone who has gone through the process before you.

When you should decide to get a mortgage broker

When you start looking out for that perfect house or property you will then need to look into mortgage opportunities. This is the ideal time to get a mortgage broker involved to help you understand what is available to you.  An early consultation is important because this will let you know just how much you can borrow and other important details before you actually get a mortgage. You will be able to know what the options are and be able to find the right company for you and compare the incentives on offer from various companies.

What you can expect in your first encounter with a mortgage broker

The first thing that the mortgage broker is likely to do is assess your financial situation. This will help the mortgage broker work out the amount of money you are able to borrow. You will also need to provide the broker with information concerning your credit history. Additionally you will need to provide documentation as proof together with other documents like bank statements, pay slips and utility bills.

Using this information, the skilled broker mortgage will tell you which mortgage you can afford, and the type of interest rates that you can expect. You will be advised on which deal best suites your situation.

Martin J. Smith is an experienced mortgage broker (www.oemortgage.ca) with ten years in the mortgage business. During this time, he has given many people advice on mortgages, they have successfully acquired their own properties and he can help you do the same.

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