7 Driving Goofs That Make You Look Silly

Every driver is in partial control of what happens on the roadways. It is up to each vehicle operator to follow the rules of the road in order to minimize the possibility of an accident and harm to others or property. Certain common sense safety precautions need to be taken to make our roads safer and prevent causing a potentially serious accident.

Below are 7 driving goofs that make you look silly (or much worse) behind the wheel:

#1. Using Oversized Tires.

Many jurisdictions have laws against the use of oversized tires. Large wheels and tires drastically change the amount of torque on the axles and drive shaft. They can make a smaller vehicle much more difficult to control and maneuver. Not to mention decreasing your fuel economy.

Tire dealers will not care what you do with the product you purchase, nor are they required to inform you about restrictions. It is your responsibility to install these tires only on vehicles for which they are approved and ensure they are properly installed.

#2. Towing At High Speeds.

Towing a vehicle with only a rope or chain is very dangerous on the freeway. It is also illegal in most cities and can result in a very large fine. Towing a car on the freeway should only be performed if the inoperative vehicle is completely secured and locked into place on a trailer.

#3. Driving With Snow-Covered Windows.

This is one of the most dangerous things you can do on the roadways. Limited visibility because of a snow-covered windshield or rear window is an invitation to a serious accident. The snow also blows away when the car accelerates, making it difficult for other drivers to see.

Merely scraping a small section of the windshield is not sufficient for proper visibility. The snow or frost must be thoroughly removed from the vehicle and the windshield heated properly before you pull out of the driveway.

#4. Objects Protruding From The Vehicle.

Most states have laws regarding objects that protrude from the sides or rear of the vehicle. Oversized objects such as wooden beams, curtain rods, pipes and bed frames must be flagged if they extend far behind the rear of the car. It is a terrible mistake to have any object protruding from the left side of the vehicle.

Always properly flag any object that extends behind the car, even if the distance is less than four feet. Nothing should ever be placed in the vehicle in such a way that it protrudes outside a window. And always secure your load. Catastrophic injuries and deaths occur from carelessly unsecured vehicle loads.

#5. Following Too Closely.

Most states have laws about how close you can tail another vehicle. Generally the distance is one car length per 10 mph of speed. All it takes is a moment’s distraction when the car ahead of you suddenly brakes, and now you are involved in a serious accident.

On the freeway, drivers who follow too closely run the risk of causing a multi-vehicle pileup. Those who follow close behind another vehicle at high speed will always be found at fault should an accident occur. There are no exceptions.

#6. Too Much Exhaust.

Older cars that are not properly maintained can produce an enormous amount of exhaust. This can be cause for citation by law enforcement, and the damage it does to the environment is extreme. It is a serious road hazard, limiting visibility for other drivers.

#7. Driving With No Insurance.

This is the most serious goof of all. The pain and suffering sustained by accident victims cannot be expressed in words. If you drive without insurance, you will be responsible for the huge costs relating to injuries and property damage, and your financial situation could be ruined for years to come.

These 7 driving goods that make you look silly really aren’t silly at all. They can have deadly consequences. In addition, not practicing safe driving habits is also likely to significantly auto insurance rates.

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