Adding Character With Timber Frame Construction

One part of home design which is sadly overlooked by many of the major house builders nowadays is character. Yes it’s important to use all the available space and yes it’s important that the fixtures and fittings are all of a good standard, but unfortunately it’s the character element which is missing from most of […]

Practical Tips On Organising Your Shed

Too many homeowners look upon their garden sheds as a place to store anything and everything that they don’t want lying around the house. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to end up putting too much pressure on your shed as a place for non-specific storage and before you know it you’ve got a shed that’s […]

Waging War on Woodworm

Woodworm are amongst some of the common pests that we encounter from time to time in our much loved homes. These mini-beasts can be a very damaging guest to have around, especially in households with many solid wooden aspects, like Oak living room furniture, floorboards and timber-frames for example. Whilst there are treatments to combat […]

The Many Uses for Hardwood and Softwood in Household Products

There are two main types of wood: hardwood and softwood. Each has different properties that are utilized for certain purposes. Hardwoods are denser than softwoods, although there are a few softwoods in existence that are denser than softwoods. Wood is not classified as hardwood or softwood because of its density; instead it is characterized by […]

How to Get Rid of Termites at Home

If your home is mainly made of wood, termites are among your serious problems. Termites can destroy your furniture and the structure of your home which is made of wood.