7 Safety Tips For All The Single Ladies

When you and your best friend decide to live together, it’s kind of the best decision ever. You get to hang out all the time, gossip about boys and people you don’t like, and whenever you feel like staying in and drinking wine, you have a buddy right next to you. While it’s super fun […]

The 3 Things You Need To Completely Rock Your Best Party Dress

After extensive browsing and many lunch hours spent online shopping, you’ve found your perfect party dress. You’ve tried it on and it fits perfectly, flattering your figure and making you look and feel fantastic. This is what the right party dress should feel like. You may feel a million dollars in your brand new dress, […]

Holiday Guide – 8 Things to Pack in Your Suitcase

Are you planning a sightseeing holiday, or maybe a girl’s holiday with a group of friends? Either way the last thing you want is to find yourself in a foreign country without your essentials, and as someone who regularly forgets things like my toothbrush and my camera if I don’t plan ahead, I’ve written you […]

How and Why Pregnancy Causes Stretch Marks

Find out how pregnancy causes stretch marks

How to Shave Your Legs

Women, especially those who are a bit hairy in the leg and arm areas, find it imperative to shave their legs every now and then. For them, having smooth legs will give them the confidence of wearing shorts, mini-skirts, and even bikinis. If ever you do plan to shave your own legs, there are a […]