Dangerous Cleaning Blind Spots In Your Kitchen And Bathroom

If most people were asked about the cleanliness of their home, they would probably respond that it was clean. However, that isn’t always the case. It has been repeatedly proven that most people fail to clean crucial areas of their home. Areas that could end up being a safe haven for bacteria and end up […]

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The Facts About OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental condition that’s a lot more common than people think; OCD actually affects 1.2 million Brits but sufferers tend to hide their compulsions, which is why it can be hard to detect. OCD involves people suffering from a mixture of obsessive and unwanted thoughts of which they can’t control. […]

Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Massage does more than make you feel good — it can be powerful medicine, as well. There are now numerous studies showing that this therapy can have a positive effect on specific health problems, which is good news for patients who are looking for ways to improve their health without expensive and possibly dangerous medications […]

Steps for Cleansing the Seven Chakras

One common misconception people have about chakras is they are completely abstract concepts. In other words, the chakras exist on an invisible plane and are, hence, indestructible. Is this an accurate assessment of what the seven chakras embody? No, this would really not be an accurate statement whatsoever. The seven chakras in the body are […]

How to Feel Better in Your Own Skin

Easy to Apply Tips for Your Wellbeing

Body Hacks for a Longer Life

Daily lifestyle habits are the primary contributor to chronic inflammation that shortens our lifespans. Eating too much junk food and simple carbs increases insulin levels, while too much salt puts you at risk of hypertension and heart disease. A lack of exercise and outdoor activities decreases metabolism and blood flow. Stress, excessive fatigue and depression […]

How to Prevent Complications of Diabetes Mellitus

Complications of diabetes tend to be less severe and less common in patients who have controlled blood sugar levels. Complications also increase when diabetes occurs with other conditions such as elevated cholesterol, smoking, hypertension, obesity