Eat This So You Don’t DIE EARLY (High Fiber Diet Emergency Warning)

Most people exercise to compensate for poor food choices. That rib-eye steak wasn’t necessarily unhealthy, it has protein, you say. But we end up slaving away and sweating it up at the gym afterwards. Because guilt is a bitch. You promise yourself you won’t give in anymore. You deprive yourself of everything salty, sweet, and […]

How To Keep A New Year’s Resolution

Can you imagine how many New Year’s resolutions are made each year? The answer is probably billions but sadly very few of them are kept. We all start a new year full of hope and renewed energy, in part because we have just has the privilege of a few days off work, but as soon […]

5 Reasons to Stick with Your Weight Loss Goals

Losing weight is hard work. No one will argue with that. It is easy to get discouraged and give up when those pounds just won’t come off. Here are 20 great reasons to remind you why maintaining a healthy weight is so important. When you know what is at stake, it’s far easier to stay […]

Bariatric Surgery and Brain Function Linked?

A very interesting study is being done by those associated with Bariatric Surgery in Oklahoma, among other states. This study is showing that there is a direct link between this type of surgery and how the brain functions. Loosing weight can actually affect your brain, causing loss of function. For some people, this procedure is […]

What’s All This Talk About Raspberry Ketones?

If you’ve been watching a lot of TV, and if you’ve heard a lot of health and fitness claims, then you’ve surely heard about raspberry ketones. These molecules got their day in the sun when Dr. Oz talked about them being a weight loss miracle in a bottle. But what exactly are raspberry ketones, and […]

Important Things To Think About When Considering Weight Loss Surgery

There are many important things to go over about when considering gastric bypass surgery. For many people, this procedure bears the promise of freedom and true living. Obtaining these things, however, requires prospective patients to carefully consider all aspects of both the surgery itself and the post-surgery requirements. It will take drive, dedication and determination […]

Supplements and Nutritional Aids for Dieting

Some days it can be a jungle out there if you are looking to diet and lose weight. You have ads all over the place talking about how you can drop weight super fast and get that bikini body you have always wanted. Sadly these magic pills never seem to work. On every ad they […]