Wild Weddings Are You Ready For One?

Trash The Dress Trashing the dress seems to be a new fashion trend, and what a trend it is! No longer do you have to have your wedding dress “heirloomed” by the dry cleaners. You don’t have to store that big box with your wedding dress, packing it up every time you move. You don’t […]

Great Wedding Themes To Have For Your Big Day

Tying the knot is one of the most exciting events that may take place in anybody’s life, and according to the cliché, this can be a once in a lifetime moment. Given this, it is just right that you make your wedding extra special, and that is by adapting a motif or theme. Themed weddings […]

The Art Of Firework Displays

A good fireworks display involves a combination of art and science, as well as a lot of planning. 100 or so hours of planning can go into creating just a 20 minute show, whether for New Year’s Eve, Bonfire Night, or for special occasions like weddings. How, then, do professional fireworks displays come together? What […]

3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Event Space

If you plan weddings for a living, you know that you have to consider every possible scenario when you take on the project. Your clients have been waiting their whole entire lives to get married and they expect you to plan the perfect wedding that is tailored to fit their budget and still express their […]