Changing Your New Zealand Student Visa to a Permanent Residence Status

Foreigners studying in New Zealand using a student visa may find that they want to make New Zealand their home after a few years of staying there.  The application for a permanent residency for New Zealand is possible if you make the jump from a student visa to a work visa and finally to a […]

Applying for a Japanese Long term Residence Status as a Spouse of a Japanese National

Foreigners can apply for a long-term residence status in Japan if they are married to a Japanese national.  A long-term residence status is a special visa category that does not limit the kind of activities the foreigner is allowed to engage in her or his length of stay.  However, this kind of title is only […]

Applying for a Visa through the Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program

The Canadian Experience Class is the new category in Canadian immigration that extends work permits to temporary workers and students who want to work and study in the country while giving them the chance to become permanent residents and eventually, Canadian citizens.  Canadian Immigration started to accept applications under this new category in 2008. What […]

Applying for an Australian Fiance Visa

Is your fiance an Australian and you are a foreigner to his or her home country?  Do you wish to enter Australia to marry him or her?  If your answer to these two questions is a “yes,” then it is imperative that you first apply and get a Prospective Marriage (Fiance) visa. The application for […]

Applying for European Union Visa

If you’re planning to travel to any European Union (EU) country, you will need an EU visa.  But applying for one can take days to accomplish, what with all the forms you must answer and the requirements you need to prepare.  But to accomplish the task easily, below are 5 steps you can follow.  Spare […]

Applying for A New Zealand Business Visa

Applying for a New Zealand business visa is one of the better ways to extend the reach of your business.  By setting up a company or shop in another country, you help your enterprise to achieve a better and more profitable status.  You also support and help boost the economy of New Zealand through your […]

Getting a Work to Residence Visa in New Zealand

Like its neighboring country (Australia), New Zealand has also paved a way to invite skilled migrant workers from other countries to seek fortune working here.  Every year, special visas are given to foreign workers which allow them to work for a given time in New Zealand.  Some of these visas also lead to permanent resident […]

Applying for a UK Fiancé Visa

Have you ever been involved in a long distance relationship?  Being in a relationship where your partner is living in another country, say UK?  Some people who have gone through this experience know how to maintain their relationship well.  For most however, this kind of relationship usually fails.  It seems that most people need their […]

Investing in Singapore as a Means to Get a Permanent Residence Status

Singapore is recognized as one of Asia’s most stable financial hubs.  The opportunities in this island state are limitless. Many people come to Singapore for work, others come here for business.  As a foreign investor, you must always look out for your best interests.  Indeed, running a business in a foreign land has its difficulties.  […]

Migrating to Australia as a Student Guardian

Since January of 2004, Australia permits foreign students to be accompanied by a guardian during their stay in Australia.  In order for a student to be allowed to have a guardian, he or she should be not more than 18 years old or has special requirements that will need the assistance of an adult guardian […]

Reunite with Your Family through Canada’s Family Sponsorship Programme

If you are already a permanent resident of Canada and you would like to reunite your family in Canada, you may sponsor them when applying for a visa.  Not all members of your family are eligible for sponsorship, though. Understanding the basics of Canada’s Family sponsorship programme for immigrants In Canada’s Family Sponsorship Program, you […]

Immigrating to Canada as a Businessowner

Entrepreneurs are needed in Canada in order to provide more jobs and services for the growing economy.  Foreign business owners and investors may apply for a Canadian visa if they meet the requirements set by the Canadian government. The requirements for applying as an immigrant investor, entrepreneur, and self-employed persons are different.  For an immigrant […]

Applying for a Japanese Immigrant Visa through a Special Skill or Talent

Japan grants an immigrant visa to foreign workers who have skills that are of special value to the country.  Aside from the required work experience, the person must past Japanese speaking and writing competencies, which are required from people who will work and stay in Japan.  Only a small portion of the population can communicate […]

Applying for a US Green Card

A green card is the legal proof that a person is permitted permanent residency in the United States.  Aside from that, the person will be allowed to work in the United States and to travel outside the US for a limited time.  The green card holder may also petition for a green card application for […]

Applying for a UK Immigration Visa through Employment

In order to work in the United Kingdom, a foreigner must secure a visa from the UK government.  Most of the work visas in the United Kingdom may be obtained through meeting the requirements of the point system. Requirements to be met by your UK employer to file for a petition *  Your employer must […]

Getting a US Immigration Visa through Employment

Foreigners who would like to be employed in the United States should secure an employment visa so that they will be permitted to work and stay in the country.  If you already have a US-based employer, the process that you will have to go through is different if you are just about to look for […]

Applying for a US Immigration Visa through your Spouse

One of the ways for a foreigner to get a US Visa is to apply for a spouse visa.  Some couples find this as one of the fastest methods of getting a US visa that many of them get married before they come back to settle in the United States. Requirements to be met by […]