Valentine’s Day: A Make-or-break Date For Your Relationship?

Whether you love it or love to loathe it, that time of year is rapidly approaching when lovers the world over celebrate Valentine’s Day. Although it’s sometimes dubbed Hallmark Day and Singles Awareness Day by the less romantically inclined, Valentine’s Day is serious business for some: it can be a make-or-break time for your relationship. […]

Valentine’s Day Jewellery

What with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you’re most likely looking for the perfect gift for your significant other. Often, February 14th can be fraught with pressures, from where to make dinner reservations to what to wear. Feeling panicked? Anxious about what to get? One word of advice: don’t take the chocolates and roses route. It’s […]

The Perfect Valentines Gift For Him

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is more about the woman; it is a chance to make her feel loved and cherished. However it is still important to make the special man in your life feel appreciated and cared for you. Buying for a man can be extremely difficult as it very hard to know what […]

The History Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was originally known as ‘St Valentine’s day’ or ‘The feast of St Valentine.’ Now we know it as a largely commercialised day in which we exchange gifts with our loved one. It is celebrated on the 14th of February every year in many countries across the world.  But why do we celebrate it […]