USB On-The-Go Technology And What It Can Do For Your Smartphone

The mobile communications industry is currently one of the largest sectors of global economy. In the United States, the sector is shared by several nationwide carriers with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile being the unquestionable market leaders, with their combined coverage encompassing over 95% of all contract-based non-commercial subscribers in the United States. Unfortunately, the […]

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Creative Ways To Use Digital Printing

Digital printing is a really good way to print photos and artwork. It is a much quicker way to print than the traditional printing methods and it is a great way to save the environment as well. There are many benefits to using digital printing in your business and there are also many great ways […]

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Tips On Finding The Best Paying Online Slot Machines

When you are at a casino, land-based or online, you may want to figure out which slot games offer the best payouts.  Finding games with higher payouts means that you will have a better chance to win more money.  However, because there are so many slot machines at casinos it may be frustrating to try […]

The Future Of Military Technology

Image by .Tromas The escalation of warfare is a natural part of human history: when man first built walls, another man built a catapult to bring them down. This process is easy to trace, from the Roman spear head which would detach after being thrown, to the atom bomb, a weapon that levels entire cities. […]

The 5 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The primary features one looks for when selecting a portable oxygen concentrator, aside from its basic functionality in providing oxygen on demand, include weight, portability, ease of use, and operational noise level. The following list represents some of the most popular options available, detailing the features of each to help you make a decision on […]

Avoid Electromagnetic Radiation In Your Work Place!

Electromagnetic radiation has become an unavoidable part of life. Many of the devices and conveniences we rely on each day can put out small amounts of radiation that can cause damage to the body with repeated exposure over a prolonged period of time. Your work place isn’t immune to these dangers and is in fact […]

Benefits Of A Hosted Desktop

For many SMEs the question as to whether they should go with a hosted desktop is one that can give the decision makers many a sleepless night. Will the initial outlay be recovered in terms of overall efficiency and long-term savings? What will the impact be on the day to day running of the business? […]

The Uses Of Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene rubber has several industrial uses, but what is Neoprene rubber? Neoprene is a type of rubber, which is strong enough not to break down in wind, water, and with the heat of the sun. It is also strong because it is physically tough, being fire resistant, and having the capability to withstand both cold […]

Marketing With Facebook Tips

Every wise business owner knows that Facebook can help them to draw a wider audience and encourage a following. However, how can you tell if that following is actually loyal or if they just visit your page long enough to “like” it, then ignore it? In the world of social media marketing, what does it […]

Why Oil’s Future Tech Benefits Us All

Technology is driven by efficiency: We want to achieve our goals faster, with less cost. Some of the greatest advances in science have come from various industries’ efficient solutions to their own goals. The future of oil tech, considering its size and fortune, could, therefore, benefit us in surprising ways. We can’t perfectly predict the […]

Building Analyst Relations

In this modern world it is of the utmost importance that businesses, consumers and the media have a full understanding of technology. That is why there are industry analysts, people or companies who research or gather data on the industry to be able to identify trends, categorize technologies, assess the size of markets and make […]

The Future Of The Pharma Industry

Pharmaceutical companies have got a bad rep. The truth is that most people are good, and the majority of drugs businesses are full of diligent scientists, marketers, and business experts, who are convinced they’re making a difference for many people across the world, who are suffering with severe medical conditions. Of course, to some employees, […]

The Earth’s Oil Reserves

Even though crude oil is still extensively available in the Earth’s crust, it isn’t by any means an endless resource. At some point in time, it will be inevitably exhausted. The demand for crude oil has increased by exponentially over the past few decades. Nevertheless, the discovery of new oil reserves and investment in the […]

Need For Speed? Use Your Satnav

Speed cameras and similar speed-tracking devices are the bane of many motorists. They have been around for quite some time. The first speed camera systems were introduced in the USA in 1987 (in Friendswood, Texas) but the Dutch Gatsometer company had created film cameras to monitor speed as early as 1960. Amid cyclical controversy due […]

Home Entertainment: The Advances

100 years ago the idea of finding cheap contents insurance to cover your home entertainment system would’ve been dismissed as mere poppycock. “Who’d want to steal our gramophone and library of books?” they’d guffaw. But a century on and nobody’s laughing. Revolutionary advancements in technology have seen the home entertainment industry boom; from sound systems […]

Why are so Many Global Construction Projects Standing Unfinished?

The global landscape features scars wherever you look. Some of these are the result of extreme weather events or natural disasters. Others are due to war. The ones that we see every day, however, something else entirely is the cause of them. Incomplete construction projects are nothing short of an eyesore. There they sit, dominating […]

What Values Should Modern Toy Brands Stand For?

In the modern world, the morals and values of businesses are more important than they have perhaps ever been before. Consumers have a stronger focus on ‘what things stand for’ than at any time in the past, and are more diligent with where they spend their money. One only has to look at the way […]

Benefits Of Using Deal Flow Software

Dealing In Deal Flow Monitoring deal flow can be crucial for private equity groups.  Deal flow software is used to do this.  The beauty of deal flow software is that it’s effectively a do it yourself piece of kit which can give a heads up on how successful, or not, a private equity investment is […]

Essential Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire fighters have to face many dangerous situations and challenges each day, without the equipment they have access to many of these situations would be impossible to tackle. Over the years, the equipment that fire fighters use has been improved; this has allowed fire fighters to do their job more efficiently and safely. Fire Vehicles […]

Telecoms Training – How To Skill Your Staff In A Rapidly Changing Market

Over the past decade or so, technological communications have been advancing rapidly. Work places have changed from just having a telephone line and a fax machine to having email, Skype, VOIP, instant messaging, multiple phone lines and more. In this article we explore the need for telecommunications training and look at the different types of […]

Low Budget SmartPhones And Their Advantages

With the smartphone sector gradually becoming popular every passing day, manufacturers of these high-end devices leave no stone unturned in offering almost everything. High-end smartphones, and mostly those which are popularly advertised nowadays, bring to the customers the latest offerings in technology. Large screens, powerful processors and an extensive storage capability is becoming the buzz. […]

Exercising and Fitness Gadgets

The fitness and health market is a huge business meaning there are always new books, diets, fads and fitness gadgets readily available on the market. You really do need to be careful when looking at these as some of them do not have half the benefits that the manufacturers claim. The amount of products on […]

Laser Unwanted and Excess Body Hair Away Forever

Unwanted and excess hair can be easily removed through laser treatments. Unwanted body hair affects both men and women. Bleaching, lightning, shaving, plucking, waxing and using chemicals can be painful and can cause swelling, scarring and skin darkening. Chemicals may have a bad odor. Laser hair removal is an alternative option that many people are […]

How Assistive Technology Can Help Special Needs Children

All children face challenges and hurdles in everyday life, but special needs children have many extra difficulties to overcome on top of the challenges faced by every child. Technology and other concepts can provide a real way to help children with special needs reduce and manage the extra hurdles that they face every day. PHOTO […]

Can Airports Handle Flight Disruptions any Better?

Every once in a while we see hordes of airline passengers having to wait for hours at a time at airports because of some kind of disruption. Whether it’s caused by volcanic eruptions, extreme weather conditions or industrial action it can be extremely unpleasant for those involved. It’s a sad fact that some of these […]

Preview of the Garmin Fenix GPS Watch Designed for Mountaineers & Climbers

The GPS specialist brand Garmin, has announced a new GPS watch which has been specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts; for example climbers, mountaineers, hikers and geocachers. The new Garmin Fenix has very advanced navigation capabilities in a similar vein to traditional GPS handhelds and comes with an altimeter, barometer and compass suitable for outdoor use. […]

Mining Resources: The Main Types of Mining

People have been involved in the extraction of different types of metals from the earth since time immemorial. At first, they focused of the metals and later minerals near or on the surface of the earth. However, with better mining technology, they began extracting metals, ores and minerals deep underground. Types of Mining • Surface […]

Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 30

Some people spend their entire lives working for employers and never own their own businesses. It takes a special kind of person who wants to earn money as a self-employed individual. Entrepreneurs need to have discipline because they do not have supervisors or managers to tell them what they need to do in order to […]