Going Green: Outdoor Wood Boiler

When many people think of going off the grid or adopting green energy in to their home, they think of solar power. Harnessing the energy of the sun can bring with it other problems, like damaged roofs, the unreliability of the weather and high cost. However, there is another option besides electric, oil or natural […]

How Can Clothing be Organic?

Organic has been one of the major trends in food over the past decade, with fans of organic fruit and vegetables claiming that the produce is healthier and far less damaging to the environment than food produced in the traditional method, using fertilisers and pesticides. The growing market for organic food has sparked an interest […]

Sustainable Design: An Old Concept is New Again

Sustainable design is a term thrown around a lot these days. However, what it really means is very much open to interpretation. Generally it is understood we “can’t keep doing things the way they always have been done” in order to uphold the principals of conserving our natural resources. Yet doing thing the way they […]