Winter Thermals – Back On Trend Or A Fashion Faux Pas?

Winter thermals are not seen as the most attractive pieces of attire and visions of grey looking items that old men wear may well come to mind. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but winter thermals are now considered a fashionable item to wear. If the ‘Onesie’ can become a global phenomenon, […]

How To Get A Beach Babe Surf Style

Image by A. Strakey on Flickr Even though there may be snow on the ground around various parts of the UK, I don’t know about you but around this time of year I’m already thinking about the summertime! My bikini body is the driving force of all my gym sessions! The days of Christmas mince […]

How Novelty Clothing Destroyed Men’s Fashion

A Sense of Humour? It has long been one of the great misconceptions in life that you can show someone how funny you are through the clothes that you wear. The reality is that by dressing to show off your “wild side,” in many respects you are actually just making yourself look like a bit […]

Camping Glamour – Don’t Settle For Any Old Tent

Putting up a tent can be a hassle when you’re on a camping holiday and it doesn’t stop there; leaky floors and bug bites are not fun when you’re in the great outdoors. Now there is a new way to get closer to nature without foregoing any of your usual luxuries – glamping. Glamour camping, […]

A Sniff of Autumn – Fantastic Autumn Fragrances

A Sniff of Autumn – Fantastic Autumn Fragrances Smoke rising from oak wood fires, the rustle of bronzed leaves on the ground, the scent of ripening apples, the earth is performing its annual miracle and mist caresses mornings tinged with frost. Resplendent with the lustre of autumn golds, a trifle melancholic, you wrap yourself in […]

Choosing A Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Swimsuit season is upon us and buying a new suit is one of the most stressful things about getting ready for summer or a tropical vacation. You are probably already getting waxed and spray tanned, cutting calories and upping your workout regime and fighting anxiety attacks at the thought of fluorescent lit fitting rooms. There […]

Suggestions for Swimsuit Selection

Summer, vacations, swimming, and sunbathing, all of these conjure up thought of swimsuits at some time. Instead of cringing at the thought of the picture you might have of yourself in one of those things, do some basic things to lose a few winter pounds, and get serious about making the best use of your […]

How to Dress for Success the Ivy League Way

You only get one shot at a first impression, so it’s important to make it a good one. How you dress says a lot about what you think of a situation, how you view yourself and the respect you are showing for the company you’re about to keep.