Choosing The Right Lockers For Your Company

Theft is a big issue nowadays and although no one wants to think that their belongings will be unsafe in their workplace it’s a reality that has to be dealt with. In order to keep your own and your employee’s belongings safe during the working day the only solution is to have lockers installed in […]

Top 5 Reasons To Use Cantilever Racking For Your Storage Needs

1. It is extremely versatile Cantilever racking really comes into its own if you are someone who needs to store extremely heavy, long or awkward products. This is because, not only is the racking extremely sturdy and secure but it also allows you easy access to your products whenever you need to get to them. […]

Storage Dilemma When Moving

There are several reasons why you may find it necessary to look into storage options.  It could be that you’re moving from your old house before your new home is ready?  Maybe you’re down-sizing and your new home does not have enough room for all your valuable items.  Or it could be that you’ve just […]

Things To Consider Before Packing Your Stuff Away

Putting your stuff into storage may seem incredibly straight forward. Step one: Put things in boxes. Step two: Put boxes in a place. Step three: There is no step three. But that depends largely on how much you care about the things you are putting into storage. If you’re going travelling, or moving into a […]

Top Storage Solutions For Storing Chemicals

Chemicals can be really dangerous and result in some serious problems towards the environment, as well as the people that come in contact with them. In order to avoid such a negative impact, we should be extra careful and do everything within our powers so that we can comply with all the existing rules regarding […]

Hanging on to your honey? You’re in good company…

Let’s start with the incredible adventures in CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. These epic adventures start with a wardrobe made from the wood of a tree grown from an enchanted apple, taken from the land before Narnia and planted in English soil (now that’s provenance!). This dusty old wardrobe ends up in the spare room […]

Make Your Next Move Easier With The Help of Self Storage

There are a lot of things that you need to think about when you have an upcoming move. If you’re trying to sell your home as well, then your to do list will get even bigger. One way to reduce the stress that you experience from a move is to start packing early. Once you […]

How to Organize Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is one of the most important and used appliances in your house. It is where you keep your food. As this is where you put the very stuff that you put inside you everyday, it is given that your refrigerator should be clean and organized. However, as you may have noticed, either from […]