Learning To Ski The Hard Way

I decided to take up skiing for the first time earlier this year and set off for beautiful Slovenia full of hope and expectation. I have always been a sporty person and felt that I could pick up skiing quite easily and so did not bother to have any lessons before I left. Sadly I […]

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How To Be Successful When Paintballing

A lot of people think that paintball is just about fun but for some people it’s a serious hobby and a skilled sport. Paintball, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t just rely on chance and there are tips and tricks that you can use to make sure that you always win without having to spend more […]

5 Techniques To Improve Your Football Skills At Home

Very few people are blessed with the divine soccer skills of Lionel Messi, arguably the best player in the world right now. The very top players in the game have that little piece of extra talent and spacial awareness that the regular player just doesn’t have, and that is why they are so amazing to […]

Purchasing Golf Cart Replacement Parts From Reputable Online Retailers

If you happen to own a motorized golf cart, than you will most likely need to do maintenance on it from time to time. That is why it is necessary to buy quality golf cart replacement parts for maintenance purposes when it comes to your cart. In order for you to keep your golf cart […]

Have You Ever Considered A Ski Vacation?

When you’re thinking about your vacation options, you may picture yourself spending time on a beach, enjoying the summer sunshine. But would you consider the alternative of heading for somewhere that offers a winter climate? This is a choice that appeals to many people and it should come as no surprise that ski resorts welcome […]

Where To Tailgate This Winter

It’s happened again, just like it does every year at this time; football is over.  You know it’s coming, but that doesn’t make the pain of America’s favorite sport ending any better, as the emptiness lingers until summer training camps begin.  When you’ve cried off all your face paint and you’re out of chips and […]

Five Great Running Shoe Brands

If you love to go running, you know that the right shoe is essential. Choosing a poor-quality shoe could result in injury or sore feet, at the very least. You want running shoes that not only add comfort, but allow you to hit the ground without stumbling. There are several great brands to choose from. […]

Golf: The Sport With The Longest Shelf-Life

One of the most endearing parts of golf as a sport is that it can be played at almost any age. Because of this many people often think of golf as a sport for old men and retired couples. While it is true that golf can be played comfortably well into the golden years of […]

Surfing Statistics

Forget everything you’ve heard: exercise doesn’t have to be boring! If getting motivated to get moving is the biggest problem you’re facing in taking your fitness endeavors to the next level, you’ll need to consider a form of exercise that takes you outside of the box. Enter surfing. As if hitting the waves and showing […]

Creating The Perfect Sports Facility

With the Olympics still fresh in everyone’s mind, the country remains on a sporting high with people wanting to replicate their own memories from a fantastic summer. New sporting facilities are being created all over the country to cope with the extra demand and schools and sports clubs alike are looking to expand their current […]

Taking Up Tennis To Improve Your Mobility

Elite players make tennis look so easy and effortless, but the game of tennis is much more than just striking a cloth-wrapped rubber ball. When you watch matches you will see many different types of hitting styles, a variety of strategies, and lots of diversity in movement on the court depending on which player you’re […]

On Yer Bike: 4 Ways Pedal Power Will Change The World

Image by:  NASA Goddard Photo and Video Cycling can be more than a hobby or a means by which to get to and from work every day. It’s health and environmental benefits are already well known, but using the humble bicycle as a means to make a positive and influential global change has yet to […]

Does Becoming A Professional Sportsman Jeopardize Your Education And Career?

Becoming a professional sportsman, one may assume his or her education is being jeopardized. In the past, this may have been true for the professional sportsman. In past years, it was difficult for older people to return to school and earn a degree at college. Now, however, professional sportsmen can easily obtain a degree online […]

The Dos And Don’ts Of Sports Photography

Photography is an art form but perhaps the most impressive form of the practice is capturing live sports. Of course you could argue that all photography has its live elements but it is only when you are photographing live sport that you understand the incomparable difficulty of capturing the perfect live shot. Whether you’re a […]

Some Less Conventional Uses for Your Golf Club

For a golfing pro, a golf club becomes like a finely honed and highly personal weapon. This will become almost like an extension of your body or an extra appendage that you will be able to innately feel in the space around you and control, and in time you will begin to feel naked without […]

Performance On The Track Have Made These NASCAR Drivers Favorites Among Fans

It takes more than winning a few races to become a favorite in the eyes of die-hard NASCAR fans. It takes a driver with the perfect combination of success, attitude and charisma to garner super star status. While every NASCAR driver has their share of supporters, here are a few drivers that fans have flocked […]

My First Time Witnessing A Mixed Martial Arts Match

I have always been a big fan of sports events. I particularly adore martial arts. In fact, I have consumed just about every movie there is about martial arts, from Jet Li’s Once Upon a Time in China series and movies from other Chinese martial artists-turned-actors like Donnie Yen. It is only natural, of course, […]

Applying Pro Golfing Tips To Beating The Kids At Crazy Golf

Crazy golf is one of the main staples of any British family holiday. Any self-respecting parent will be going all out to assert their supremacy over their uppity youngsters out there on the mini golf course, so now could be a good time to sharpen your skills. Of course, regular golfers may well find that […]

The Importance Of Choosing A Motocross Helmet For Yourself

this post answers the following questions 1. What is the protection needed for our head and skull while riding a motorcycle? 2. What can a full helmets protect you from? 3. What are the things to consider when buying a helmet? 4. What is the best helmet shells made from? 5. Why helmet lining is […]

What Is Lactic Acid?

Lactic acid has been cited on a number of occasions as a big reason behind the pain athletes suffer during their sport, so exactly how does it work? There is every chance that if you have taken part in exercise sessions or sports clubs with an instructor or coach then you will have heard about […]

Andy Murray, Where From and Where to?

England has been in the international eye a lot recently. Following the media frenzy surrounding the royal wedding last year, there was this year the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Of course, neither of those could compare in terms of international viewership to this year’s London Olympics. Even greater, then, was the pressure on Great Britain’s own […]

What Exactly is a Modern Pentathlon?

The modern pentathlon was devised by the father of the modern Olympic movement, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, but it is fair to say that it is one of the Olympic sports with the lowest profile. As the name suggests the pentathlon has competitors taking part in five different disciplines over a two day period, and […]

How The Humble Road Bike Has Evolved Over The Years

Bicycles, defined as manually powered two wheeled forms of transportation, have been around since 1817 in one form or another. The bikes we see on the roads today differ drastically from their early cousins, with vast improvements having been made in terms of safety, speed, comfort and manoeuvrability. They played a key role in the […]

Why You Need the Right Footwear When Running

There are a number of rules runners need to follow to train effectively and minimize the risk of injury. One of the most commonly neglected mistakes runners make is ensuring they have the right footwear. Wearing the wrong shoes can slow you down and lead to a number of potential injuries. Injuries Caused by Wearing […]

Cities with the Olympic Effect

During the summer of 2012, the eyes of the world focused on London as the Olympic Games came to town. The sporting festival is perhaps the biggest and greatest show on earth, and the appearance of many of the planet’s finest athletes, cyclists, rowers, boxers et al ensures high excitement and huge TV viewing figures. […]

Cheap Trophies On The Rise

When cheap is not always a bad thing When we think about the word cheap we instantly bring to mind plastic, second-hand, refurbished or Made In China. Mass production of every imaginable product in existence has forced suppliers to slash their prices. Cheap labour in Asian markets (but also in Western countries) has enabled manufacturers […]

Essential Gear To Start Motocross

Motocross (often shortened to MX) is a dangerous sport. Accidents occur often and can sometimes be quite serious in a bad situation. Motocross gear is essential to help protect you in case of an incident, and it goes without saying that it’s often the reason there isn’t more deaths inside the sport. The truth is […]

London 2012 Olympics: Artificial Grass On Hockey Pitches

Before a ball has been hit in anger, there’s often some form of controversy preceding a major sporting event, especially one as important as the 2012 Olympics in London. With massive crowds expected to turn up to just about every event, work is undertaken to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Preparations However, while […]