Guide: What Is A Monoclonal Antibody?

Monoclonal antibodies are immunoglobulins that have been manufactured using duplicate immune cells cloned from one particular parent cell. Released by specialized white blood cells called plasma cells, antibodies are responsible for targeting and neutralizing illness-causing pathogens that have invaded the body. By identifying a component of a bacteria or virus called an antigen, antibodies “tag” […]

The Basics Of Assay Testing

Assay testing is used to determine the content of a sample. Assay testing, by definition, can be applied to any material. For example, testing a sample of blood for the presence of a drug is an assay test. As the term applies to mining, it involves testing a sample of ore for the presence of […]

The Future Of The Pharma Industry

Pharmaceutical companies have got a bad rep. The truth is that most people are good, and the majority of drugs businesses are full of diligent scientists, marketers, and business experts, who are convinced they’re making a difference for many people across the world, who are suffering with severe medical conditions. Of course, to some employees, […]

How Polarized Lenses Work

This article talks about how polarized lenses work.