How To Save Using A “CASH Envelope” System (THIS Really Works)

It was important for me to try this “cash only” method myself, before I recommend this to my friends/family. I happened to use a few simple changes to make it easier on those who aren’t completely familiar with a digital budget. There is nothing wrong with your regular way of paying bills. However, I just […]

Save Money By Cutting Your Own Hair

Everyone loves to save money and what better intermediary to cut out then your hairdresser? We pay them to wash, cut and blow dry our locks, which is something you can achieve on your own at home without having to fork out a double figure sum every time you go to the salon. It may […]

Slicing Your Food Budget In Half

Are you looking for an area in your budget that you can cut back on?  How would you like to have a little extra cash in your pocket every month?  There is quite a simple and easy way – reduce what you spend on food.  The points below will show you that cutting your food […]

Have An Outdated Bathroom? How To Upgrade It With $500!

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house and can set the tone for your entire home. If your outdated bathroom is giving you the blues and you want to upgrade but money’s tight, this article is for you. With just a few quick and budget friendly tips, you can have […]

Why Are Built-in Fridges So Inefficient?

Refrigerators are touted to be appliances that eat away most of your electricity consumption on a daily basis. Now, you cannot ‘unplug’ them or leave them on stand-by. They have to function at full throttle all the times, or else they become even more inefficient and start consuming more energy than before. With several green […]

Solving The Problem Of Energy Labels

After an episode of ‘This Week’ on the BBC, which featured Martin Lewis, a financial journalist, I want to take this time to understand the thoughts of others about energy labels that are misleading, when looking into the efficiency of boilers for hot water and heating. There have been pressures in the UK consumers, since […]

Tips To help you Save Gas

With financial crises across the world people are tightening their belts and trying to save where and when they can. It is not always possible to cut back on certain things such as travelling and so forth. Everyone needs to travel to and from work, and even though the methods may vary, most people still […]

How Psychology Can Play Tricks to Your Savings Accounts

Are all your actions really under your control?  You’re losing money; it’s beyond your control.  Would you like to change that? Are we manipulated by the psychology of situations and our own makeup?  Like hypnotism, can businesses play tricks with our minds and savings accounts?  They (at least) try.  Many of them succeed. Would you […]

5 Tips for Investing your Savings

this post answers the following questions 1. How to look for variable interest rates investments that have a floor? 2. How a state and regional bank helps me with my investments? 3. How can a savvy investor help me with my investments? 4. Is lending good option for investments? 5. Why look for long term […]

How to Save at Home

Though the majority of the American population are working, many are still struggling to make ends meets. However, hope is not lost. You can still save money by stepping no further than your doorstep!