Make Your House a Home to Stay In

In the 21st century, the nesting instinct seems to be flying away. With bankers refusing to extend loans and mortgages to first-time buyers, more people are turning to rented properties and preparing for their next big move. Homemaking is dying out, but even in rented properties, there are simple things you can do to make […]

Why it is Better to Rent than Buy

The rental property marketing in the UK is currently booming. A decade ago, the property purchase market was booming, however because of the economic climate, renters have overtaken buyers. This is because many renters cannot afford to get onto the property ladder and finding a mortgage is more challenging than it used to be. Higher […]

What to Look Out For in a Building Lease

The big difference between a building lease and another lease is that it usually stipulates a different level of control that the landlord has. This control refers to specifics such as subletting and assignment. There are certain particulars that you have to review or take into account before placing your signature on such a document. […]