Does The Ideal House Really Exist?

Many people may have an idea of what their own ideal house would look like but most of them will never get the chance to actually live in it. Or will they? A survey was conducted recently to establish what things would be important to people in the make-up of their perfect home and although […]

Things To Consider Before Packing Your Stuff Away

Putting your stuff into storage may seem incredibly straight forward. Step one: Put things in boxes. Step two: Put boxes in a place. Step three: There is no step three. But that depends largely on how much you care about the things you are putting into storage. If you’re going travelling, or moving into a […]

Bird Control – Learn How To Manage a Growing Problem

Learn how to make your property bird free with these handy tips from Paul O’ Neill. Never have to clean up feathers and bird mess again Bird control is the term used to deal with the problem of bird infestation at a property, area or building. The aim of implementing bird control is to stop […]

The Essential Packaging Guide To Moving House

Packaging items are vital piece of kit for a successful and stress free move.  Whether you feel safer packing the items yourself or are saving money on a full service removal, it is essential that you choose the right supplies for the job. Take Inventory The first thing you are going to want to do […]