Why Did My Husband Cheat? Is It You Or Him?

Catching your husband cheating or learning about the act can leave you devastated and discouraged. You don’t need to actually see him doing something with his mistress for you to imagine what they could be doing when they are together. You will definitely begin thinking about the other woman—what does she look like, what she […]

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Grow Strength From Your Divorce: Gardening For Divorcees

So, after contracting the law firm with the best divorce and, filing papers and following through court procedures, you finally receive the legal documents that make your divorce official. Now what? You’re single and have to begin a new life. While some may revel at their new-found freedom, others have a much harder time adjusting. […]

Coping with Separation or Divorce

Going through a divorce is far from easy, and if you find yourself in this situation, you may be feeling a little lost. There are two conflicting personalities in play, and you will discover that things can go much more smoothly if you keep a few important tips in mind. Be Polite Some divorces end […]