6 DSLRs For The Photography Newbie

When it comes to buying a digital SLR, there’re more choices than ever these days. An SLR gives you a whole array of shooting options at your fingertips, from manual control to the ability to change lenses. Read on to find the best cameras designed for beginners… Canon EOS 100D Offering the same image quality […]

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Ever Wondered How To Take Perfect Panoramic Shots?

How to take the perfect panorama shot When you see a great panoramic picture you can’t help but get a sense of the view the photographer must have had when they took the picture. Not only is this type of photography a great form of photo art, but they have become a valuable tool in […]

Where To Shoot Great Animal Stock Photos

As a professional photographer, I sometimes wonder about increasing my income and revenue through ways in which my presence isn’t necessary. Stock photos are a great way to do this, since I can sell each image multiple times for profit. It’s like selling prints, except I don’t have to worry about mailing or ordering. When […]

Using Stock Photography To Enhance Your Website

You’ve got the perfect website set up. It has every last bit of information that your visitors could possibly need, all sorts of unique products, compelling content, the works. But no one seems to stick around long enough to find out what you’re all about. If you don’t have stock images to make your website […]

The Dos And Don’ts Of Sports Photography

Photography is an art form but perhaps the most impressive form of the practice is capturing live sports. Of course you could argue that all photography has its live elements but it is only when you are photographing live sport that you understand the incomparable difficulty of capturing the perfect live shot. Whether you’re a […]

5 Tips for Professional Quality Photos

Have you always wanted to take photos like the pros? Do you love taking pictures but wish you could make them look more like the ones you admire on the Internet? The good news about digital photography and equipment today is that there is more opportunity for even the layperson to take professional quality photos. […]

Choosing The Right Photography Gear For Your Needs

Photography is a wonderful hobby that offers both practicality and room for artistic growth. Fortunately, there are more options available for new photographers than ever before; on the other hand, those looking to learn about photography will need to learn a considerable amount of information. Despite this, the learning curve for photography equipment is still […]

9 Wedding Picture Ideas For Amateurs

Wedding photography has changed dramatically since the invention of the camera.  Stiff and formal cookie-cutter poses were the norm decades ago.  But now, imagination is encouraged to flash from behind the lens.  Wedding picture frames are filled with creative shots capturing the uniqueness of every wedding. 1. Candid/Impromptu – Posed pictures still fill photo albums, […]

Memory Cards

Memory cards are a crucial aspect of digital photography – after all, it’s the way that our precious digital photos get stored and transferred to our computers. So how do you look after your memory card to ensure it always works effectively, and avoid that moment of panic when you discover that you might have […]