Hiring a Nanny: How to Get All Your Legal Ducks in a Row

this post answers the following questions 1. Is it difficult to hire a nanny? 2. Are there any necessary things I have to do before I can hire a nanny? 3. How will I know if the nanny I’m considering hiring can legally work? 4. Why is it important to report the information of my […]

Parenting Observations from Nannies: Their Top Advice

A nanny’s life is primarily about watching children. Because of this, they can offer some great suggestions to parents: The Top Three Things Every Mom And Dad Should Be Aware Of Think about the sort of parent you are, and the sort of parent you desire to be. Reflect on the values you have, and […]

Answering Questions About Babysitters

this post answers the following questions 1. What is the national average rate for a high school nanny? 2. What are the factors that will affect a nanny rate? 3. What are some things you can do to make your nanny happy and satisfied? 4. What are the cons of having a nanny that is […]

Study Skills – Better Marks Means Better Jobs

Developing a good study habits is very essential for it ensures one’s success not just in school but in life in general. As learners we need to maximize our ability to take hold of all the important lessons presented to us. Here are some tips that we can take in order to guarantee academic success. […]

Would You Let Your Little Ones Wear Heels?

Are Heeled Shoes A Bit Of Fun Or Are They Harmful For Your Children?

How to Teach Your Child About Loans and Interest Before Going to College

Four ways that parents can teach their teenagers about loans and interest so they can be prepared to make good financial decisions in college.