Equestrianism And The Olympic Legacy

The British equestrian team enjoyed unprecedented success at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. The outstanding success made the national headlines and introduced a whole new audience to the sport. Having raised the profile of what many consider to be elitist disciplines, what has been done to capitalise on the success achieved and bring the […]

Are the Olympics Clean?

Nobody likes a cheat, but the sad truth is that over the years a number of world-famous athletes have used performance enhancing drugs to give them that tiny edge over their competitors and a bigger chance of winning that hugely coveted Olympic gold medal. The old saying goes that cheats never prosper, and it’s certainly […]

What Can Horse Lovers Expect From the Olympics?

It’s no secret that the upcoming Olympic Games have captured the imagination and heart of the entire country. Not only are they a fantastic excuse to get patriotic but we have the rare opportunity of seeing the world’s best athletes competing in our home country. There are of course great benefits to the economy and […]

Top Attractions To Visit in London’s Olympic Park

In the summer of 2012, London will be playing host to the Olympic Games, attracting attention from millions of people all over the world. Starting on July 27th, the sporting event will see approximately 10,500 athletes jostle for the prestige of winning global medals, proving that they are amongst the best sports people in the […]